Lady Blogger to Boss Lady

You've been blogging awhile and you love it, but sometimes you feel as if blogging doesn't love you back.

Your traffic isn't growing. Your favorite brands are overlooking you for campaigns. Potential sponsors are ignoring your pitches. Your application to join a high-profile blogging society was rejected. You dream of turning your blog into a business, but right now that feels impossible. You're wondering if you should stop blogging altogether.

DON'T GIVE UP! You can transition from a lady blogger to a boss lady and I'll show you how.

In this 8-module course you will learn how to turn your blog into a business without relying on ad sales or sponsored posts.

Stop waiting to be picked!

Stop waiting for brands to ask you to promote their products and services. Start creating and selling products and services of your own.

Stop waiting for blogging groups to welcome you into their inner circle. Build your own tribe.

In this course I will first help you build your best blog yet and then show you several creative ways you can use your blog to generate income. You'll even learn how you can use your blog to  jump start your career as an author or freelance writer and how to use your blog to land paid speaking engagements.

Enrollment for Lady Blogger to Boss Lady will open soon! 


MODULE 1: GET SERIOUS. We'll discuss the importance of taking yourself seriously as both a blogger and a businesswoman. You'll learn the 3 things you can and should do right now to start your transition from lady blogger to boss lady and the 5 changes you need to make to your website so your blog will start making money.

MODULE 2: GET FOCUSED. I'll help you nail down your niche, write your manifesto, identify your ideal reader, and write a killer About Me page. (I'll also share the secret to blogging about multiple topics.)

MODULE 3: GET ORGANIZED. You will develop an editorial calendar and content plan that will inspire you, not overwhelm you, and I'll teach you my top time management tips to help you stay consistent.

MODULE 4: GET CONNECTED. This module is all about the email newsletter. I'll help you develop an irresistible opt-in offer and help you create an email newsletter people will actually read.

MODULE 5: GET OUT THERE. People can't read your blog if they don't know about it! In this module you'll learn how to network effectively online and in person. I'll teach you how to make social media work for you, how to get your blog and personal brand covered by local and national media, how to use live events to build buzz for your blog, how to use Facebook groups to build your tribe, how to guest blog for your favorite websites, and how to establish yourself as an expert. 

MODULE 6: GET CREATIVE. To be a professional blogger and earn enough money to eat and pay the bills, you must have multiple sources of income. I'll teach you 7 creative ways to make money with your blog and we'll cover how to use your blog to launch your writing or public speaking career. I'll show you my unique approach to working with brands and businesses and teach you how to pitch a campaign to potential sponsors and what to do so that eventually sponsors will come to you. 

MODULE 7: GET PAID. This module alone is worth $1,000. Seriously. I'm going to show you how to make your first 1K with you blog content by creating, promoting and selling an e-course just like this one. 

MODULE 8: GET SUPPORT. We'll discuss the importance of having a tribe of blogging buddies to help you on this journey and I'll give you tips on how to find them. I'll give you writing prompts to help you when you have blogger's block and invite you to be a part of the next big thing I have in the works.


When Lady Blogger to Boss Lady reopens for enrollment all content will be available. I recommend working through one module per week, making this an 8-week course. If you're an eager beaver, feel free to work more quickly. But do your best not to get overwhelmed and remember to allow time to actually implement what you're learning.

This is a text-based course (think super in-depth blog posts). While the course doesn't include any official live coaching sessions, it does include a private Facebook group for extra support. During the recommended 8-week time frame of the course, I will post in the Facebook group daily and answer any questions you may have. If you're not on Facebook, don't fret. You can post your questions in the comments sections of the lessons.   


I've been blogging in some capacity since 2008 and I've been writing since I could sit up straight and hold a pencil. My work has appeared in national magazines and several major newspapers including USA Today. I've been a contributor for NPR and I write a monthly column for one of the top magazines in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. My personal blog has been mentioned on major women's websites such as and has helped me land paid freelance writing gigs and speaking engagements. 

In 2011 I started a networking group and website for women who write and blog called See Jane Write. It started on a free Blogger site and with a gathering of a dozen women at a local Mexican restaurant. Today that little group and its blog is thriving network of hundreds of women and an award-winning business. In fact, because of See Jane Write, in 2016 Southern Living magazine included me in its list of Innovators Changing the South. The See Jane Write website was named one of the 100 Best Websites for Writers by The Write Life in 2017. 

But you don't have to take my word for it! Here's one Christina Renteria of PinkLux had to say about the Lady Blogger to Boss Lady Course:

  • Since completing the Lady Blogger to Boss Lady course I have gained over 200 new followers, email signups, and much more to help grow my community. I also started an engaging Facebook group, launched an e-course, a webinar, landed multiple sponsorships for workshops and events, and have taken myself seriously which has made others take me seriously. I feel like this course was the complete package for someone really wanting to know how to be a Boss Lady!

    — Christina Renteria of PinkLux

See Jane Write was started to help female writers and bloggers in Birmingham. With this e-course I'm striving to help women nationwide. Join the movement and begin your journey from lady blogger to boss lady today.