Alcohol Ink Demos Volume 3

Evening Bales

From the Landscapes Course and the February 2014 Newsletter

Notes from the Newsletter:

Some alcohol ink paintings proceed according to plan, from a well-thought out vision through perfect execution. Other paintings take a few turns along the way, sometimes veering all the way to the trash can. Ordinarily, I prefer sharing demo videos that are fairly linear in the painting process - but the reality is that many, if not most, ink paintings aren't painted that way.

"Evening Bales" endures several revisions and utilizes many painting techniques including masking, lifting, brushwork, alcohol ink markers, fine tip markers, and four layers of misting (gold, alcohol, butterscotch and wild plum) - not to mention that over half of the painting is cropped out in the end (the cropping was actually intentional from the beginning). This would not be a video to "follow along" with; instead, my hope is that the demo will offer options and hope for all paintings that need to be saved! If one thing fails, try another!

The inspiration for the painting is Nicola B's beautiful photograph, "Last of the Sunshine," shared at:

Colors used:

Colors: Peach Bellini, Eggplant, Sunset Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Wild Plum, Gold, Cloudy Blue, Citrus, Cool Peri, Pesto, Espresso, Spectrum Noir CT4, GB5

Created by

Karen Walker