Alcohol Ink Demos Volume 3

Finger Painted Waterfall

From the Landscapes Course

Are you ready to have some fun?

The Landscape class was born out of the “March Mystery” Class where I asked the few brave artists willing to sign up for a course without knowing the topic what they would like to see. Did they say finger painting? No. But they did express an interest in forests, streams, water, and ways to paint more loosely. Finger-painting is definitely loose and a whole lot of fun!

As you will see, it is a tactile experience where you will literally push the ink into your desired land formations. I recommend gloves, even for those like me who really don’t care for them.

My reference photo for this painting is a serpentine waterfall – I believe it is from New Brunswick (I took the photo, but don’t remember where). With careful masking and attention to detail, it could be an elegant landscape piece. In this case, it was just fun.

For the whites, I opted for snowcap – Ranger’s opaque white ink. Snowcap and I do not get along well, as I like to pick at my paintings and readjust them. Snowcap prefers to be used once and left alone. However, I have seen many fabulous water scenes in the Beach courses with snowcap, as well as lovely abstracts and snow scenes. So snowcap can be a great asset – I encourage you to experiment!
For this “game” or fun project, the rules are simple – just drop the ink from the bottle and finger paint – no brushes or anything else. You’ll see me reach for the brush and catch myself at one point, and midway through I will remove a wrong color with a paper towel – note to self: distinguish the eggplant from the espresso – inky bottles look alike.

Other than a brief waiting period for the first layer of ink to dry, you’ll see the entire process at 4x speed. It was surprisingly enjoyable – I hope you have fun too!

Colors used: Willow, Citrus, Meadow, Caramel, Eggplant, Espresso, Snowcap

Created by

Karen Walker