Alcohol Ink Demos Volume 2

Grunge Butterfly

From the Butterflies Short Course

The Grunge Butterfly is lifted out of the sheet of yupo I used to catch the drips from the previous butterflies. I worked on the background to fill it in with compatible colors and textures. I painted the butterfly, and let the painting sit for a week or so.

It was just a little dull – both in the actually quality of the ink and the hard lines of butterfly. I had really hoped to make it through the entire Butterflies course without using the alcohol ink markers, but this butterfly needed help. I collected an array of yellow, blue and green pens and went to town dotting in fresh ink. The big break-through for me came when I broke up the edges of the butterfly and let it merge with the background. This gave an entirely new look – thus the grunge title – and took the butterfly from an attempt at realism to something more artistic and decorative. This is classic alcohol ink – if it’s not working – go for it – try something new and different!

Created by

Karen Walker