Alcohol Ink Demos Volume 1

Acadian Forest III

From the Landscapes Course

The lifted forest is one of the most common ink painting subjects, particularly for those favoring spontaneous, loose lifted styles. It is a perfect match for vibrant and fluid inks.

Acadian Forest III started out as a finger-painting but it became apparent that a) I really liked the background and wanted to make something nice out of it and b) I needed something more precise than my fingers to paint with – so, out came the brush.

Colors Used: Meadow, Eggplant, Stream, Bottle, Sunshine

The inspiration photo (Below) (not that we would need one for this type of painting) is from Acadia National Park. I’ve used it for several ink paintings, including this one below which we affectionately call “Scary Trees.” The real name is “Acadian Forest.” It was created with blown air effects. I do not have a blown air forest example, but you would be welcome to try on your own. As soon as my husband saw the new painting, he said, “Oh look, it’s “Not Scary Trees.” At least he recognized my reference photo. :)

Download video (43.5 MB)

Created by

Karen Walker