Alcohol Ink Demos Volume 1

Simple Koi

From the Summer 2014 Newsletter

This painting was created for my Summer 2014 Alcohol Ink Newsletter. I made a point to vary the difficulty of the demonstration projects as I reached a broad spectrum of beginning to advanced painters. Here's the text which accompanied the demonstration in the newsletter:

Simple Koi is a quick beginning level alcohol ink painting which uses two of our three main techniques - dropping ink (via bottle and brush) and lifting. This is a wonderful subject for those favoring a loose ink style as there is no masking!

A few notes about the video:

  1. I used a tissue to blot up the excess ink (the box was sitting on my painting table) - I would not recommend this as it left tiny pieces of lint on the painting - paper towels or felt might be better.
  2. To create the colors of orange I was looking for, I mixed several inks in the welled palette. Usually I let inks mix on the paper, but the area of the fish was too small. I also used orange Alcohol Ink Markers on the koi - this is convenient, but not necessary.
  3. In the final phase, I used a pale blue ink marker to lift more reflections in the water - this could easily be done with a brush, water brush (with alcohol), or small cotton swab.

Happy painting!

Download video (37.2 MB)

Created by

Karen Walker