Alcohol Ink Demos Volume 1

Course Welcome and Materials

Welcome to Beginning Ink Painting!

Here’s a brief outline of what we’ll cover in the lessons:

Week 1 – Ink Flow, Circles, and Textures – the first week is largely abstract and we’ll practice the more spontaneous aspects of alcohol ink painting.

Week 2 – Lifting and Masking – These are two great techniques for controlling ink, a key feature in representational ink painting.

Week 3 – Brushwork, Planning and Your Own Painting – Brushwork with the ink is reserved for the final week of class. We’ll practice adding brushwork to lifted and masked pieces. The week culminates with the planning and creation of your own beautiful ink painting.

In my in-person and group classes, I always start by asking what do you love about ink painting and why you took this course - we come back to this in week 3, so you might want to think about it :)


For this class, we’ll make a series of notecards. The advantages of cards are that they are unassuming, have a nice natural white frame, and are useful.

Of course, you don’t have to make cards – they’re just small paintings glued on either precut cards or cardstock you cut yourself. It is entirely up to you!

If you choose to make cards, you’ll want to cut the paper to the correct size. Sometimes it is nice to leave the paper a little larger so that you may crop to the most attractive section


My supply list is circa 2013 - in the last 2 years, many representational ink painters have incorporated the use of alcohol ink markers (sometimes exclusively). Additionally, techniques for textures frequently call for objects like canned air or plastic wrap. Some of these methods appear in my demo videos.

I'm including my original list here as well as my materials video. Please forgive the "datedness" of it :)

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