Representational Alcohol Ink Painting 204 - Animals

Registration is now closed in favor of the Year of Alcohol Inks Course. 

I hope you'll join me in this exciting year long inspirational adventure in alcohol inks!

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There will be two options: Join a Small Group on Facebook  or One-to-One Mentoring. Course fee: $250 Early Bird registration through Dec. 15, then $275, with payment plans available

Many thanks!

Please join me for Representational Alcohol Ink Painting 204 - Animals. This course features 10 projects to inspire your animal painting.

It is recommended that you have taken the 101 and 102 courses first or are familiar with the techniques presented in those classes.

Access to course material is unlimited!

*Note: if you have taken a course from me or purchased any of the demo collections, you may already have this information in a slightly different format.

Course Projects

1. Koi

2. Confetti Peacock

3. Guardian of Mini Golf

4. Inkatoo

5. Lifted Rhino

6. Blue Morphos Butterfly

7. Lion

8. Little Kitten

9. Little Green

10. Zebra