Representational Alcohol Ink Painting 203 - Landscapes

Registration for this course is now closed in favor of the Year of Alcohol Inks Course and a soon-to-be-released Free Beginning Level Course.

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Many thanks and happy painting!

Please join me for Representational Alcohol Ink Painting 203 - Landscapes. This course features 10 projects to inspire your landscape painting.

It is recommended that you have taken the 101 and 102 courses first or are familiar with the techniques presented in those classes.

Access to course material is unlimited!

*Note: if you have taken a course from me or purchased any of the demo collections, you may already have this information in a slightly different format.

Course Projects

1. Tropical Waterfall

2. Field of Flowers

3. Evening Bales

4. Autumn Fern Forest

5. Giverny

6. Winter Trees

7. Finger Painted Waterfall

8. Arc de Triomphe

Discussion on Perspective

9. Pullen Park

10. The Cottage