Representational Alcohol Ink Painting 102 - Practice in Lifting, Masking and Brushwork

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Representational Alcohol Ink Painting 102

Welcome to Representational Alcohol Ink Painting 102. I'm very excited about this course as it builds on the all of the techniques introduced in the 101 Course and adds a few more tools. After this course, you should be ready for anything! (OK, just ready for awesome representational ink paintings).

Is this course right for you? If you have taken Representational Alcohol Ink Painting 101 and (still) want to create representational alcohol ink paintings, this is the place for you.*

Haven't taken 101? This course builds on the basic techniques taught in the 101 course with minimal repeat. As such, you may want to look at the course listing for the 101 course just to be sure you are familiar with the techniques.

*If you have purchased the demo collections, please look at the list of demonstrations to see if you already have them. This course presents them differently, but as far as the videos go, you may already own them.

What We'll Cover

After a few preliminary topics, we'll focus on our three techniques for control - lifting, masking, and brush/pen/markers.

Each section will have instruction on a few pertinent points and several demonstration videos illustration applications of the techniques. While you are more than welcome to follow the demonstrations as your lesson, I would encourage you to adapt the lesson to a painting of your choosing.

Here are the topics:

Focus on Lifting

In this course, we'll look at a couple of facets of lifting:

  • Lifted Color Chart
  • Too much Alcohol

And some demonstrations/exercises to practice applications for the lifting technique

Add a new element to an existing background with the Basking Cow

Intentionally creating a painting solely by lifting with the Lifted Elephant

Taking advantage of a found image with the Fantasy Lifted Elephant

Focus on Masking

We'll begin with a discussion and video regarding:

Partial Masking with Burst into Spring

Three projects using partial masking:

Masking only the simple outline with the Horse

Masking both the outline and white feathers on Chicken Mark

Masking the structure of the painting and the path of light in Lucy's Lane

Choosing Between Lifting and Masking

This section includes a discussion of when to lift or mask plus a comparison of techniques with a Pair of Seagulls.

Focus on Brushwork, Pens, and Alcohol Ink Markers

Demos and projects in this section include:

An intentionally inked landscape with a brush painted tree in Blue Ridge Mountains with Tree

Prominently featured pen drawing in Five Little Birds

A painting entirely created with alcohol ink markers in Garden for Kathy

A  more challenging final piece featuring subtly integrated pen and marker work in Swallowtail

Table of Contents

Before You Start
Color Chart
Focus on Lifting
Lifted Color Chart
Too Much Alcohol
Three Lifting Projects
Basking Cow
Lifted Elephant
Fantasy Lifted Elephant
Focus on Masking
Partial Masking
Three Masking Projects
Chicken Mark
Lucy's Lane II
Whether to Lift or Mask
Lift or Mask ?
Twin Seagulls
Focus on the Brush, Pen, and Markers
Brushwork, Pens, and Markers
Blue Ridge Mountains with Tree
Five Little Birds
Garden for Kathy
Thank You
Thank you!