Have you wanted to learn easy techniques at home to bring more peace into your mind and heart?

Do you desire to build more of a connection and relationship with the elements of nature?

Are you looking for an easy way to meditate and receive messages from spirit and the elements?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this practice is a wonderful tool for self-discovery at home with nature as an inspiration. The course is set up for a variety of learning styles. Notes are provided for those that learn best by reading and following along. Demonstration videos are also provided for those that learn best through watching and listening to the instructions first, then practicing along with the instructor.

Scenes were filmed on location at various North Carolina State Parks to honor the elements and help you connect to them. Pictures of Hawai'i were also included to bring in the energies of Aloha right into your home! 

The sequences within the dance may be used to bring calmness and peace into your mind, increase your personal connection to the elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, Plant, Animal, and Human), and help you remember more about yourself.There are two breathing exercises and a moving form similar to Tai Chi that Amanda demonstrates and guides you through with verbal and visual cues. The breathing exercises may be done on their own or together, anytime of the day. When all of the segments are combined, it becomes a beautiful moving meditation. The entire sequence ends with a Hawaiian Blessing that is explained in both Hawaiian and English. There is also a bonus summary explaining various aspects of each segment that Amanda, having practiced it for almost a decade, has discovered.

Amanda's instructions within the video provide you with the foundation to eventually expand into your own meditative dance with the elements. This is a version that has evolved for Amanda, over years of practice and teaching it based upon variations taught by her teachers. You are invited to learn this style and build upon the sequences, modifying it to suit your personality. 

Video Segments were filmed in 2014.

Length: 43 minutes

Kalana Hula (moving meditation)

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Table of Contents

What is Kalana Hula?
Why do Kalana Hula?
Pikopiko Breathing
Pikipiko Breathing Notes
Pikopiko Demo Video
7 Elements Breathing
7 Elements Breathing Notes
Hula-Moving Like Water
Hula-Moving Like Water Notes
Closing Blessing/Chant
Closing Blessing/Chant Notes
Closing Thoughts and Entire Sequence Demonstration
Review and Lessons Learned
Entire Sequence Video

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