7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Writing Career

Do you want to FINALLY feel like a real writer? 

Are you ready to jumpstart your writing career or take your writing to the next level? 

Do you want your writing to make an impact and an income?

In this free mini-course, I'm going to show you how by sharing with you the 7 things that changed my writing life. 

Meet the Teacher

My name is Javacia Harris Bowser and since June 2019 I've been doing something I once thought was impossible. Since June 2019, I've been a full-time writerpreneur. 

A "writerpreneur" is what it sounds like -- someone who is a writer and an entrepreneur. I am a freelance journalist who writes for print and digital lifestyle publications. I'm a content writer for small businesses. And I'm the owner of See Jane Write LLC

See Jane Write is a website and membership community for women who write and blog. Through See Jane Write I also offer consulting, coaching, and courses. 

After 10 years of juggling a full-time job as a high school English teacher with writing on the side, I became a full-time writerpreneur in June of 2019. 

Now I get to spend my days writing stories about women and for women and helping women write stories of their own. And I'm doing it all on my own terms. 

I'm doing what I've wanted to do for years. I'm doing something I once thought was impossible. 

I want to help you achieve what you once thought was impossible, too. 

It's time to FINALLY
feel like a real writer!