Part 3 - Moving into the Light of your Passion and Purpose

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” 

~ Albert Einstein

Are you living your life from your highest magnitude, or are you drowning in cycling emotional pain that does not let you progress. How good are you to yourself?  Our limited thinking can run us into the ground.

Our fears and limitations can be dramatic, distracting, and even seductive in their darkness. They can keep us from stepping up to our fullest light, and from offering our truest, most passionate gifts to the world. The closer we get to the light of our greatness the more intensely our unhealed darkness will assert itself either internally or in the form of other people. 

This journal writing course is for you if...

- You depress your creative life force in effort to energetically "match" those around you.

- You become smaller when you are with other people to fit in.

- You feel stuck in the repression patterns of your family, teachers, authority figures or peers, and you fear you will not be accepted or included if you honestly express yourself.

- You automatically want to help people feel "comfortable" and "safe" when they are around you and as a result, your life feels flat and boring.

- You are frightened to "break the rules" of your social or family groups, and fear feeling a possible lack of belonging.

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Express Your Magnitude
Live in your Light!

Table of Contents

Lesson 2: Explore Dignity
Lesson 3: Explore Vision
Lesson 4: Explore Self-Empowerment
Lesson 5: Explore Your Symbology
Lesson 6: Explore Letting Go of Resentment
Lesson 7: Explore Self-Love
Lesson 8: Explore Letting Go of Time
Lesson 9: Explore Patience
Lesson 10: Explore Noticing
Lesson 11: Explore Harmony
Lesson 12: Explore Authentic Passion
Lesson 13: Explore Authentic Self-Expression
Lesson 14: Explore Pleasure
Lesson 15: Explore Commitment

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Express Your Magnitude
Live in your Light!