Creative practice courses offer you the opportunity to try a creative practice for 30 days with witnessing feedback from me! Each day you will receive a prompt, and expressive art sample for inspiration, and some words of wisdom to encourage your creative journey.

Letting Loose!

Do you feel repressed, depressed, suppressed and emotionally accumulated? Do you feel cut off from your true nature? Does your life feel flat boring? Is your body feeling stiff and sore?

If, so a daily practice of spontaneous watercolour painting can help the loosening up of stuck energies, and inspire you to walk, talk, move, and enjoy your life in brand new intuitive ways!

  • I appreciated your thoughtful writing in each lesson and your encouraging approach. I would especially recommend this class to someone who is new to art. It is not a class in technique, but a permission to create and express. I also think it would be beneficial to someone who is working through grief or trauma, and would be good in group therapy.

    — Bev T.

Release Emotional Repression

Would you like to loosen up deeply held emotional repression through intuitive painting. In this course you will receive enlightening encouragement to gently free up your body, mind, emotions and paintbrush one day at a time for 30 days! 

The suppression of emotions profoundly affects the body. Suppression dysregulates your hormones, releases neurotoxins into the blood, tightens your fascia, and stiffens your muscles.

After years of emotional repression, the body hardens up in a more crippling way. Just imagine what you store inside...suppressed anger...suppressed sexuality...suppressed jealousy...and on and on.

Releasing the emotional energy in your body can begin with spontaneous painting. Releasing stored emotions with watercolour painting can help your body feel more fluid, liquid and alive.

Free Your Emotions
With Intuitive Painting!

Painting What is Unconscious

Your conscious mind is utilitarian, and it is based on memory. You need your conscious mind to navigate the practical realities of human life. When you live only in your conscious mind your life will feel routine, boring and flat.

A vivid intuitive life arises from the unconscious, from the unknown. The unknown is always scary, but it is also filled with surprising joy.

This course invites the unfolding of your unconscious through the intuitive painting process. Painting without control is a great metaphor and a literal creative practice for freeing up your repressed emotions.

The Creative Practice

As with all my creative practice courses, you will learn about intuitive painting the best by painting intuitively every day for 30 days. 30 days is enough time to move through blocks and resistance, to develop a new creative habit, and to have enough of a breakthrough to decide whether this is a good long term creative practice for you.

Each day, I will invite you to move through emotional repression through the flow of intuitive watercolour painting, and I share daily examples of my practice. If you do not have watercolour paints, you can use other kinds of water-based paints such as acrylic, tempera or latex. Just make sure that you water your paint down so that it flows well.

Starting a large intuitive painting can feel daunting. This creative practice invites you to create a small, loose, splashy intuitive painting each day to see what happens. Each day I will offer you deep (written) encouragement to let your emotions flow through paint, so that you can better hear your intuition.

This course is best suited if you would like to try intuitive painting for the first time, or you would like to loosen up your intuitive painting "style." This course is also for you if you feel stuck in emotional repression and need to get your emotional energy moving again. I offer 30 days worth of uncommon tips on how to let loose!

Free Your Emotions
With Intuitive Painting!

Course Delivery

Prompts are delivered once day after you purchase your course. You will get email reminders to view your prompts when you forget to check into the classroom. It is helpful to bookmark this link, so you can review your course content whenever you want:

Note: Each daily prompt is a surprise - delivered once a day for 30 days! You will receive a downloadable PDF of the course content after the course is finished.

Table of Contents

1. Creating From Intuition
2. Entering Presence
3. Abstract or Images?
4. Spontaneous Exploration
5. Strange and Surprising Movements
6. Astonishment and Delight
7. So Simple
8. Exploring the Unknown
9: Embracing Vulnerability
10. Increased Fluidity
11. Freeing Expressive Blocks
12. Silent Mind
13. Pure Creativity
14. Forgetting to Think

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. You will also receive a PDF of all course content when you are finished.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Free Your Emotions
With Intuitive Painting!