Introduction to Zentangle

There are many ways to learn Zentangle®.

The very best way to learn is from a Certified Zentangle Teacher. 

To find one in your area, check with

If you are not able to attend a live workshop and enjoy learning from videos, you can learn how to create a Zentangle tile in the comfort of your own home from an experienced Certified Zentangle Teacher, Grace Mendez.

Here is a sneak preview:

There is no sound in any of the videos. 

This means you can play your favorite music in the background or tangle in silence.

What you will get:

  • One audio to get you settled in and started
  • Eight videos with instructions on the screen
  • One PDF with the instructions from the videos

How long will I have access to the workshop?

You will have unlimited access.

Do I need to show up at a certain day or time?

This is a self-paced workshop with access twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. After payment is received you will be able to start.

What kind of time commitment should I expect?

There are eight videos that range in length from one minute to about seven minutes. All together they add up to just over 26 minutes.

Will I be able to download the videos?

No need to fill up your computer with large files, the videos are hosted here. You can watch them over and over because you get unlimited access.

What materials will I need?

You will need a pencil; a pen (Sakura Micron 01); paper: a Zentangle tile or 3.5" x 3.5" watercolor or bristol paper; and a tortillon or stump to shade with.

Do I need to know anything about this subject before I take the course?

This is a beginner's workshop. It's perfect for people who are just starting out. If you have lots of experience on your own or have taken a workshop from a Certified Zentangle Teacher before, you may have practiced these tangles before.

What experience do you have to teach this material?

Grace Mendez is a Certified Zentangle Teacher, teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area since May 2011. She has a B.A. from Cal State University, Monterey Bay in Visual and Public Art.

What will we be covering?

You will be shown how to start, how to create four official tangles and how to shade them. If you were taking a class from me in person, this is the first tile that I do with all of my students.

Can I share my login information with my friends or family?

The workshop fee is good for all members living in one household. Please do not share your username and password beyond your household.

What kind of internet connection will I need?

If you can view the promotional video, you should be able to watch without any problem.