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5 Weeks Online Live Painting Workshop with Coaching

From August 8th to September 12th


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The Roadmap of this Outdoor Creative Adventure

Filmed in a Beauty.Full Wild Preserved Nature & Location

To give you a Taste & Feel

Here some B-Roll footages (small video sequences) 

I filmed to use for the video editing of the workshop 
& create interesting Creative Contents
for You to Learn from & get Inspired !

Making your Creative Learning & Practice a Success.Full Journey

Before I did my Painting Training in 2001, I was giving up painting after 30 min, frustrated & disappointed, because I didn't knew how to Enter the Painting Process& not having the right approach, technical skills, Clarity of Vision to Be Able& Free Expressing what was within me !
Maybe you too can relate to this !
I have Designed this Workshop to make sure your Journey is a Success.
Make it Short & Effective to Integrate All the Skills you need & Come to Know your own Vision so you are Truly Free to Express what's Within You & Beauty.Fully Unique about You !

This Lifetime Access comes with the Possibility to Join a Private FB Group 
where we meet weekly for 5 weeks & I provide you the contents with a coaching.

The Lifetime Access gives you the possibility to join for free the re-run of this online painting workshop next years & you will have lifetime access to the contents + FB Group.

...Why is it in your Best interest to JOIN NOW ? In 2022 prices will increase ...
& you make sure you find yourself at the end of this Summer with the experiences, skills, content, coaching & a Community of Creative Souls that support & empower you !

On Special Request, I can tailor a Payment Plan after a zoom call with you.
Please note that there is no Refund once you sign up for this workshop, I need my Time & Energy to focus on taking care of the Community, Coaching & Content Creation ... not administrative tasks.
Thank You for your Understanding, by signing up you agree to this policy !

Here People's words & LoOove about what they experience with my Recent 4+ Days Painting Workshop "Your Colors.Full Life"

This is from Liz, Mexican Participant & Talented Creative Artist Singer
I can't be more grateful for the opportunity to participate in this ′′ Your Colors Full Life ′′ training with Shakti Urmila, who has shown us in the clearest, precise way, and with harmony how easy it is to be able to introduce yourself to the art of painting abstract from the perspective of movement, emotions, recognition of the senses, so your ideas flow and can be embodied in your painting.
Recommended for those who want to find their inner spark that defines their emotions when painting or, if you're already experienced in the art of painting with a technique but want to explore another way to translate your emotions into your paintings, then this course is for you!!!
Shakti is vibrant, guide, mentor, motivating, pure conscience!!!! I who have no experience, managed to paint !!!! following this beautiful methodology that Shakti has created in this course, because she takes your hand by each stage until you yourself discover the magic that was asleep in your creativity connecting with your body and your emotions, your curiosity and your sleeping senses.
Without a doubt of the best experiences in this time. Amply recommended if you want to rediscover the sleeping spark in you and a new guided technique step by step to achieve excellent paintings.

Shakti kiss my teacher!!!!

This is from Laurence Vibusha, Swiss Participant, Talented Creative Cook & Artist
"Participating in this amazing painting workshop has taking me to another and bigger dimension in my artistic expression.
Her very generous and passionate professional teaching is heart full, present, rich in details and her clear instructions and guidelines has really help me to explore, unblocked and find trust in my essential positive quality as a creator with the colors!

A very precious gift for yourself to explore freedom throughs her very specific techniques that take you higher in your art realisation."

Aloka, Swiss Participant & Accomplished Talented Artist
Thank You Beloved Shakti Urmila for this Honor, I am Deeply Touched !
I Thank also Vibusha that invited me to join this Colors.Full Circle. I discover with this opportunity a door that I always long for & wanted to pass through ... the one of Surrender, Letting go ! Surrender, let go is an easy word to pronounce but more complicated to LIVE.
I am really Deeply Grateful to Vibusha for this invitation that allowed me to move into a new dimension. I Thanks all participants for that Magnificent Adventure for their Beautiful Energies so uplifting that has help me to Open that door ! THANK YOU A LOT for your LOVE and encouragement.

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Create . Feel . Live Empowered
100% Colors.Full Living

The Basics
Acrylic Paints
Watercolors Paints
Framing Techniques
Creating Big Sized Paper Sheet
BONUS :: Basics for Painting's Photography & more ...
Day 1 ✨💗✨🎨 Nature Painting ✨
Day 1 ✨💗✨🎨 Nature Painting ✨Nature✨Watercolors✨
Day 1 ✨ WIP (Work In Progress) 💗✨🎨✨
Day 2 ✨💗✨🎨 Tuning into Nature ✨
Day 2 ✨💗✨🎨 Tuning into Nature ✨Energy ✨Dance✨
Day 2 ✨ WIP (Work In Progress) 💗✨🎨✨
Day 3 ✨💗✨🎨 Contemplation ✨
Day 3 ✨💗✨🎨 Contemplation ✨Observation ✨Meditation✨

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Thank YOU :-)))

REFUND :: Is there a Possibility to be refunded once I enroll ?

Please, Dear Take Note that once you enroll, there are NO REFUND possibilities

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Lifetime Access to this Contents & Free Access for the re-run of this workshop

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No download available for the Videos :: . Download for the – Printable eBook – PDF Slides Version –

COPYRIGHT :: Can I share this contents with people ?

There are Free Workshops 2 times a year to get the Feel of what I am Offering ! :: . Thank You, to buy this Course & not share Access :: I deeply Appreciate, your Support & Contribution, that allows me, to Build Quality Contents to Serve You & Your Creativity !

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Create . Feel . Live Empowered
100% Colors.Full Living

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