The unique self-discovery course that will teach you to know yourself so you can date confidently, with intention and purpose

The winter 2021 self-paced and group coaching version of this course is now closed and I have tentative plans to host another round come September 2021.

Wondering if group is right for you? If you struggle with perfectionism, self-criticism, and overcoming fear, these will be extra layers taught in the group coaching course. If anxiety and people-pleasing is an extra struggle for you in dating, then definitely join the course. Vulnerability can be a big block for many of us in dating and group coaching helps us break down those walls. Plus, you'll make friends for life (my previous cohorts text regularly and hang out [safely or outside] in person if they live in the same cities). Finally, you'll get life-time access to my private community for students of my courses.

What if dating could feel easy? What if you could get truly clear on what you wanted in romance? What if you could feel aligned, intuitive, intentional about going on dates, meeting people, understanding if somebody was really a match for you? What if you could feel confident about everything in love and believed that what you wanted in romance was possible for you?

That’s what my course is designed to do for you. Welcome to Intentional + Intuitive Dating: A 12-week Course to Unblock Your Dating Life, Connect to Your Intuition, and Clear Space for the Love You Deserve.

This is my relationship, dating, and emotional relating program designed to empower sensitive people, those struggling with anxiety, and chronic perfectionists and people-pleasers to release unhealthy patterns, get in touch with their intuitive needs and create authentic love.

This course was created out of my own experience and struggles in dating. After a traumatic end to a six-year relationship in my 20s, a called-off engagement in my early 30s, and a whole mess of half-relationships, situationships, mismatched dates, anxiety, stress, shame, sadness and low self-worth, I told myself:

Enough is enough.

I am worthy of the romance I want.

But I’m going to have to do some work to get there.

That’s how this course was born. Applying my extensive research on relationship tendencies and patterns, an understanding of brain retraining and plasticity, my training as a holistic life coach, my talent for intention setting and self-discovery, and my ability to understand the subconscious beliefs I was letting rule me, I went from low self-worth, codependency and high anxiety in dating situations to getting clear on what I wanted, what I deserved, and how to call it into my life.

Now I’m in a happy, serious relationship with my best friend, that feels secure, honest, and fun. But what’s perhaps even better is that my constant thoughts, anxiety, shame and insecurities about dating no longer rule my life, my mind, or my heart.

And the good news is this: You can have this, too.

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Self-paced course, One-Time Payment

$297 once

Self-paced course, 3-month Payment Plan

3 payments of $99/month

Testimonials for Intentional + Intuitive Dating:

"Catherine's dating course is incredibly comprehensive, thoughtful, and well worth my time, money and energy. The course is not just about how to date but investigating your past, learning about yourself now, and determining who you want to be. Only with these steps can you figure out best practices moving forward in your life and how to create space for the kind of relationship you deserve and desire. The group coaching also made this experience for me. I would recommend this for anyone with the willingness to change and be happy. This course has definitely changed the trajectory of my life."

"I've worked with several dating coaches and a therapist and I've read countless books and listened to more podcasts and audiobooks than I can name on dating and romance. But never have I felt more seen and have received more compassionate and relevant information than I have with this course. If you self identify as a sensitive person and can't seem to break out of dating patterns, I can't recommend this course enough. Catherine and her work is a gift."

"Catherine has created a phenomenal course that enables you to deconstruct and then rebuild your approach to relationships (both romantic and platonic!) consciously. I feel so clear, grounded, and self-aware having finished this course, and I can already see significant changes in my family relationships and my dating life. Catherine is a great cheerleader and coach, often gently reminding you to dig deeper or face the fear you're avoiding. This was a fantastic augmentation to my weekly therapy sessions, and I am really, deeply grateful for taking this course."

"As a highly sensitive person, dating has been a minefield of intense emotions and confusion. I signed up for the course because I was searching for an approach to dating that felt sustainable and growth-oriented. And I found it! The tools are very helpful for dating (and for much more). I feel more capable of dating with groundedness, mindfulness, softness and strength. The space that Catherine provides is nourishing and generous. It allows me to nourish myself and be generous with myself. And I'm in a new relationship! I feel strong in a big, healthy, steady relationship of which I know I am worthy."

"At first I was like, this is a lot of money to spend on something that I was like I might not actually do or keep up with, but I am so so glad I made the investment in myself and I will not shut up about it."

"I met my current partner right before I started this course and I don't think it's a coincidence that once I put my mind in the space of being open and teachable that I met someone great. Your modules and the community it attracted only strengthened my mind and intention. Thank you."

"Before we can love someone else, we need to better understand ourselves and what we really want in a romantic relationship. This course helped me identify what really matters to me in dating; and helped me understand how my past experiences have shaped me. I now know how to bring my best self to dating and romantic relationships. This course is an invaluable experience."

"This was the real deal. I had no idea how deep and introspective this course would be, but was so pleasantly surprised. It takes on universal issues that get to the core of what holds us back from the things that matter most. I truly believe it has the ability to be life changing."

In this course you will receive...

  • 12 weeks of custom created modules, homework, reflections, quizzes and exercises centered on helping you learn about your dating styles and create what’s important to you in a relationship
  • Guided meditations to drop deep into inner knowing and get you in touch with your intuition 
  • Customized workbooks and thoughtful journal prompts that will help you set your vision
  • Quizzes to discover your romantic values and dating styles 
  • Self-discovery exercises around dating patterns, core beliefs, and attachment styles
  • Guidance on how to figure out what’s important to you in a relationship 
  • [For group coaching only] A private community to share your questions and connect with others
  • [For group coaching only] Lifetime access to the private community and my exclusive Sunday Soother Slack, with other humans just like you doing this sort of introspective work (it's a great place to make and maintain lifelong friendships!)
  • You will not get: tips on creating an online profile, how to start a conversation with somebody, where to go on dates, the best places to meet people, etc. 
  • This is not a traditional dating course; this is a self-discovery course in order for you to best understand yourself so afterwards you can go out into the world and date mindfully and confidently. But I won’t be teaching you traditional dating tips (trust me, you wouldn’t want me to!)

I really need you to read this part: this course is focused ON YOU. Your patterns. Your intuition. Your needs. Your desires. Your nervous system. Your emotions. It's an incredibly deep self-discovery course that will leave you standing firm in who you are, what you need and what you want to call in. 

But! It is NOT a 'regular' dating course. I will not be teaching online dating profiles, first date tips, etc. 

What I say about this course is one of my favorite sayings in life: "Before you dine on the feast, you have to clear and set the table." This course is the clearing and setting of the table, and after it, you will be ready to go out into the world of dating, confidentially, authentically you, not ready to settle for anything else than what you deserve. 

Ready to claim love, but also self-worth, confidence, and your intuition?

Self-paced course, One-Time Payment

$297 once

Self-paced course, 3-month Payment Plan

3 payments of $99/month

This course is for anybody who...

  • Wants to gain more clarity around what dating, romance, and relationships mean to them in their lives.
  • Feels blocked in their dating life or who has realized they are stuck in unhelpful patterns but isn’t sure where to go from there
  • Wants to move forward more intentionally in order to enter a fulfilling, serious romantic relationship (whatever that means to you individually!)
  • And it’s also for people who are in relationships and want more clarity about how to be happy in them; people who don’t necessarily want a serious relationship right now, but would like to create the foundation for a future one; people who are healing from breakups or divorce; and more!
  • In short, this course is intended for anybody interested in mindfully and intentionally creating romantic human connection with another person or people. I do teach from a lot of my personal experiences, which are as a straight heterosexual cisgender white woman, but the course is created to be inclusive to all, no matter your orientation, gender expression, or definition of what a romantic model or relationship looks like for you. If you have any concerns on this front, please email me and I’d be happy to talk to you.

By taking this course, you will...

  • Better understand your values, needs, triggers and patterns in romantic relationships
  • Be able to make aligned, authentic choices in dating
  • Differentiate between red flags, anxiety, and true intuition while dating
  • Get clarity on what is truly important to you in a romantic partnership
  • Connect with others on their own dating journey
  • Finally feel confident about being deserving of a worthy, committed and genuine relationship

How this course works...

This course is 12 weeks long, of 12 modules with homework assignments to be done weekly.

Self-paced: Once you enroll, you'll get immediate access to all 12 modules. I deeply recommend taking your time through these modules as they go pretty deep and require presence and emotion. Create a sacred time and space to do each module, and go slow — some of the modules require serious thoughtfulness. You have lifetime access to the course so you can take it at your leisure, and all you will need is a pen, headphones, and a journal to do the work in. (I have a lot of PDFs/print outs in the modules, but you can also definitely simply use your journals for the prompts and the workbooks in case you would rather not print materials.)

Group coaching + course
: You’ll get all 12 modules delivered weekly, the private community, and 12 intimate group coaching calls with Catherine where you get to ask your questions, gather insight from Catherine and other members, and gain clarity as you go through the work. All calls will be recorded for replay if there are calls you cannot make live, and you will always have the option of sending in your questions ahead of time to make sure they are addressed on the call. 

You will also get one 1:1 coaching call & Tarot reading/home energy reading from Catherine.

The group coaching aspect of this course is the secret sauce, in particular because a huge block many of us have to dating is vulnerability. By doing this work in an intimate setting with others, you will be learning to lean into your emotions, your vulnerability, and learning to more deeply connect with others. I strongly believe that deep healing happens in community when witnessed by others. 

I am purposely keeping this group very small — only 16 spots in two separate cohorts will be open for the group coaching option. 

One group will meet Tuesday evenings 8-9:30pmET, and one group will meet Sundays at 11am-12:30pmET. We will start Tuesday Feb. 2nd and Sunday Feb. 7th respectively. 

If you're thinking about this option but have questions, DM me on Instagram @catherineandrews and I will send you some voicenotes, or email me your question at cathdandrews at gmail dot com. You can choose which group you would like to enroll in to best suit your time.

Investment: $997

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Self-paced course, One-Time Payment

$297 once

Self-paced course, 3-month Payment Plan

3 payments of $99/month

The modules

In order to be intentional about dating, romance, and the relationships we want to have in our lives, we must start from a different place than we normally look to when dating: our internal selves. My course is broken into three main sections, with 12 modules, that will help you rebuild and understand your relationship to dating and what you want from the ground up, by getting you in touch with your intuition, subconscious beliefs around dating, your true romantic values, and more.

The modules are:

Diving Into and Understanding the Past
: Every one of us comes from a place of patterns, beliefs, and intentions around dating — but these are usually unconscious, and we’re unaware of these motivations and beliefs. 

The first module will delve into: 

1. Understanding and clarifying past dating patterns
2. Learning your attachment style, and how to release it if it no longer serves you
3. Discovering your subconscious core belief about dating and relationships
4. What I call the 4 "Rs" of dating: recentering, reparenting, receiving and radical responsibility.

Building the New Container for Dating
: A wildly unexplored aspect of dating and romance, to me, is learning how to create steady, safe space for it in our bodies, minds and hearts, as well as what energetic and emotional blocks we may have. Dating and romance often activate past trauma, anxiety and stress, so we must be intentional about learning tools to help soothe us as we enter this vulnerable space. This module dives into the energetics of dating, and blocks (emotional and energetic) that we may have in relation to romance. Then, we’ll learn emotional and nervous system regulation to help steady us in the often triggering world of dating. This second module will delve into:

5. Tools for nervous system and emotional regulation to steady us so we can operate from intuition instead of anxiety
6. Energetic and emotional blocks, and tools like chakras, space clearing, and breathwork to help clear them
7. How to clear resistance to dating, release blame, and forgive where we need to so we can accept new love into our lives
8. Unlearning cognitive distortions around dating and how to create a new belief to invite more romance into our lives

Setting Up Values and Intention in Dating Going Forward
: Finally, once you’ve become aware of past patterns, cleared blocks and created space, you must create an intentional vision for what is important to you in relationships and romance in order to call it in and go after it clearly. This module delves into:

9. Inviting in vulnerability and gratitude in dating
10. How to call in and clarify your future partner(s) and relationship(s)
11. Creating a relationship values list and manifesto
12. What’s next? How to move forward from here

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is "intentional and intuitive dating"?

Here’s the fact, which is kind of crazy when you think about it: We are NEVER taught how to date intentionally. How to learn about what we need in relationships and how to be vulnerable and how to give and how to communicate. How to pick a partner that will be with us and support us in our wholeness. ⁣ ⁣ Instead, we’re told to uh, trust our hormones, take whatever lessons we saw repeated by our caregivers in romance as reality, and just flipping wing it.⁣ ⁣ In ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AREAS OF OUR LIVES!

Intentional and intuitive dating simply, to me, means this: Understanding your needs, desires, patterns (both helpful and unhelpful) so you can mindfully, authentically, bring that intention, that approach, to your dating life. ⁣

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need.

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. I encourage you to contact me to discuss what you might not have been satisfied with me. However, there are no refunds for this course.

When does the course start and finish?

The self-paced course is open for enrollment in January 2021, and you have the lessons forever so you can take as long as you like. For group schedules, see below.

When are the group coaching calls taking place?

If you sign up for the winter 2021 group, you can choose one of two slots to be in: Tuesdays at 8pmET, starting Feb. 2nd and going for 12 weeks; or Sundays at 11amET, starting Feb. 7th and going for 12 weeks.

I'm not interested in actively dating right now. Is this course still for me?

Emphatically yes. This is a great course to do during this pandemic, or during any period of your life where you're more focused on self-reflection and yourself than going out and dating. In fact, I recommend not dating while taking this course!

I can't take this course right now, will it be available in the future?

Yes, the self-paced version will be open again come late Spring 2021. I will likely do just one more group coaching version of this in fall 2021. I must admit I go where my heart leads me in my business and don't operate by a very set schedule, so if you are interested in this course and it's been calling your name, definitely take it now in case I don't run it in the future.

This all sounds great, but, uh... who are you?

I'm Catherine Andrews, a writer, teacher and life coach who works with sensitive people so they can stop overthinking, conquer fear and increase their confidence so they can unapologetically set and achieve goals in career, love and life. I'm trained as an Integral Life Coach via New Ventures West, an International Coach Federation-approved organization. In my past career, I was a Director of Content at a few corporate organizations, and my degrees are in English Literature and Journalism. I am the author and host of The Sunday Soother, a newsletter and podcast dedicated to intentional living and compassionate personal development.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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Self-paced course, One-Time Payment

$297 once

Self-paced course, 3-month Payment Plan

3 payments of $99/month