Indigi Golden Herbal Academy 101: Plant Allies & The Ancestors

About the Lead Herbalist

Jumbo & Imhotep divine herbal seekers welcome to the Indigi Golden Herbal Academy!

I am a certified herbalist, landscape designer, doula, and have a Bachelors of Science in Alternative (Natural) medicine with Everglades University. For the past several years I have lived very close to the earth and learned how to speak the language of nature and the plants. I have been shown how to deeply commune with these spirits with elders and community. Along with this connection to healing plants coming from my Ancestors! My lineage has practiced natural medicine forever except for the past two generations, who traveled from South and North Carolina during the Great Migration. My family still implemented natural remedies and my grandparents never went to the doctors, and my parents didn't either, save for a handful of times such as stitching my moms arm that she had broken playing as a child.  For a year I worked at an Apothecary in Ojai California, and have been spending countless hours getting to know many plant medicines in a clinical light while simultaneously studying Alternative medicine and Naturopathy.  I am also a farmer and lover of all things that derive naturally from the earth. I have been living and working on farms (mostly off the gird ) since 2015 and have been informally studying herbalism and holistic medicine since 2011, thanks to my mom's super smoothies, colon cleanses, exercise programs, dancing, gardening, and love for culinary. This love for the plants led me to study with various people belonging to various cultures such as Iran, Kenya, China, India, Native peoples of the "Americas", and folks from the Caribbean Islands.  I also studied herbalism with a Polish European Western Herbalist who held space for all nations and peoples medicines in the Gaia School of Natural Healing. I was led to her program through various Western herbalists books during my exploration from South, Midwest, and East coast to the very different West Coast. Had the energies of the Native peoples on these lands not been as strong, I could have ended up in a predominantly white paradigm of natural medicine. I learned very quickly how cultural appropriation resonated with me, which was not well! I myself am Fulani, and a few other lineages in West & East Africa, Scottish, Italian, Native American (First Nations Aboriginal), and Mongolian. 

Quite simply, I was guided by the ancestors to bring this course to my sisters and brothers to spread the sacred earth wisdom that belongs to us. I was told by my dear sister Buffalo Woman an Apache Mother and Spirit Runner, that no matter where your ancestors come from we are all aboriginal and that we should connect with those people who share our lineage and bloodlines. No matter where or what that looks like we need to commune with our people, learn our languages, sing our songs, eat our food, and take our herbal medicines. This wisdom has also been shared by my mother who declares women should study with women. Which also led me to intend to ensure this academy serves only BBIPOC people. This was also requested by almost all of the students. Many people are mixed nationality which allows for us to do the work in this community for and with people of the European nationality and the descendants of colonizers. 

The Course

This course is designed to inspire, introduce, and provide you with information about how to connect deeper with the earth, thus deepening your own relations with your ancestors. 

The course material can take you three to six months to complete but the integration of the herbal practices will take you a year! This is a one year apprenticeship.
There are quizzes and a thorough exam based on an Alternative Medical criteria from an Academia perspective. Giving each one sacred opportunity to study naturopathy and clinical theories.
Still interlaced through out is the greatest importance of our spiritual connection to the natural world around us.

Once you complete this course you will have gained knowledge and wisdom about the following topics respectively: Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Botany, Herbalism, Sacred Rituals, Phytotherapy, Pharmacology, Naturopathy, Medicine Making, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, African Dawa, Aboriginal Medicine, Women's health, Men's health, and Midwifery.

In this course we will cover over 300 different herbs, their medicinal values and properties, how to make medicine with them, and learn ways that our ancestors may have used them before modern medicine (ie. the American Medical Associations destruction of African American, Native American, and Alternative medical practices). We discuss the various bodily systems and combine Ancient Indigenous ways of healing with that using the Naturopathic and Botanist method. This course should inspire you to further your studies and will provide you with tools that you need to practice herbalism within your home, community and through out your entire life-time.

To be a healer is not something you will learn online but you can learn what plants do and how the scientific/medical world views plants by breaking down particular actions and properties of the plant, learning where they grow, so you can meet them in person, and in what ways the plants wish to be used best, so that you may make healing medicines in the safest and wise way .  For example you will learn which plants are healing to the womb, cold/flu season, immunity boosting herbs, herbs for skin and hair, which plants are best to treat eczema, fibromyalgia, cystitis, high cholesterol, menorrhagia, herbs for anxiety and depression, herbs for pregnancy and breastfeeding, and so on so forth. There will be herbs listed by bodily category so that you can fully understand which herbs do what. You will be taught what to look for when working with particular herbs and how to know which herbs agree with you. Not every herb is for everyone, this is why we cover a large variety of herbs. We also discuss various cultures healing methods such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native (Aboriginal) Indian Medicine, and African Dawa.

Within this course there will be magic, ancestral wisdom, practical knowledge, and the scientific method to learning and studying the beauty of the herbal Queendom.

This program is thorough and in depth!!!!! 

You will be required to buy and read suggested books from our reading list, workshops and medicine making gatherings will be hosted via zoom or in person for locals, and for those outside of California you will be empowered to find a local herbal community to pair your studies with as well.

This platform is cyclical and also linear! It is all encompassing!

There is great importance taught about rituals and ceremony to connect to the ancestors specifically.

We are group of people of color and conscious minded sisters and brothers of many and all lineages, though our emphasis is on African and Aboriginal herbalism. Still, you will be empowered to study deeper within your own lineage. 

We recognize that cultural appropriation is big and knows no skin color, however what is being taught in this course has been passed along by elders, healers, doctors, herbalists, friends, mentors, sisters, and a University in which the lead herbalist Jenelyse Woolery has attended and learned from. All of this information presented is highly recognized by scholastic texts and peer reviews within the Alternative Medical Field. There is scientific evidence to support all of the information presented within this course. However, the greatest emphasis is on connecting to your own lineage and ancestors, and you are strongly advised not to appropriate any culture aside from your very own. Many European peoples have taken knowledge from our Indigenous ancestors and the nations of this world, and capitalized on sed knowledge. We as an academy donate to various tribes and Indigenous peoples from this land to Africa. Therefore with great emphasis I say to you to go to the lineages you wish to learn from directly or speak & act from your own lineage's perspective. 

This course was brought together by people of Color for people of Color. There is a mutual understanding shared amongst everyone in this course! We all recognize how important it is to learn from other POC. We choose to surround ourselves with people of color, like minded sisters and brothers, and people who maintain their cultural connections despite living in a mostly colonized country. We know that modern European people have learned almost everything from Indigenous people outside of their own culture, and anything that they wish to teach us in Universities and in their own programs, was likely taught to them by Indigenous POC at some point in time(usually without consent to sell it back to POC at high costs ). Many have expressed that they wish to learn herbalism from people of color only, therefore we created an opportunity to do so. Sadly, modern people and especially European people ... profit off of the gifts shared by Indigenous people with little to no proceeds being given back to the Indigenous population. This course is different, we give as much as we can when we receive. It is all a FAIR TRADE! 

Still the point is to share the wisdom that will keep Asase Yaa our precious Momma Earth in balance and harmony, so any way and any person who teaches another how to love the Earth ... is ultimately providing loving nourishment for the future generations and our sacred Earth Ship so share in the laughter and joy and this sacred devotional offering! 

This offering is priced reasonably with payment plan opportunities.  This offering is intended to provide individuals with the proper knowledge to heal themselves, their families, and even extend further into their communities . This knowledge has been passed down from generations at no cost however in our modern world this knowledge has been priced over $2,000.00. All of my practice has led me to create a course that cost me over $72,000 in schooling & tuition for various workshops over the past years. So for a minimal cost I would love to introduce you to the world of plants around you! 

What you can expect to learn from this course

  • Over 300 plant allies
  • What regions these plants grow in
  • What properties and actions these plants have
  •  How and where you can purchase/harvest these plants
  • How to apply the plant medicines into your daily lives
  • How to make herbal medicine with the plants
  •  What the plants can do for you and your health
  •  What sustainable/ ethical harvesting is
  • Doctrine of signatures for plants
  • How certain cultures use these plants
  •  How to honor our Ancestors and what spiritual context particular plants and medicinal preparations have
  • Herbs for pregnancy and each cycle of life
  •  Various bodily systems and how they function as a whole from the ancient perspective and modern medicine
  • How to prepare a sacred alter
  • In which way to conduct ceremonies that honor your ancestors & your lineages


    The price for this sacred course is a donation with a sliding scale of what you can afford between the prices of:

    $333.00 to $444.00! If you can donate the full price of $444.00 that would be greatly appreciated and for those who are of lower income brackets or on a budget, the lower end of $333.00 is acceptable!

    Payment plan options are based on what price you choose to pay for the course $333 - $444 and are to be negotiated prior to reserving your space.

    If you choose a payment plan, all payments are to be made on the same day you paid each month and there are no exceptions! 

    Our plans vary from 3 monthly payments to 8 monthly payments for lower income apprentices. 

    All payment plans are issued under Goddess code.

    Goddess code: One sister gifts or offers any thing that is sacred and to be cherished from her heart. Whether she is lending you a garment of clothing, allowing you to housesit her pad, or opening up an opportunity for continuing your education (or making you medicine, cooking for you, cleaning for you etc.). Upon Goddess code, you agree to offer your sacred sister whatever she desires within ethical means for her to feel special and supported. Goddess code means that if you fail to uphold your end of the deal, that you reach out to her before you drop the ball and communicate to her either a lack of funds, lack of time, or lack of emotional availability. Goddess code exemplifies a higher order of women coming together to build businesses, opportunities, and creative outlets with one another utilizing laws and codes of ethics that honors everyone involved. Goddess code is about trust, love, understanding, and innerstanding. This code is a primal & evolutionary mode of what women have been dong since the time of creation. Priestesses and Goddess worshipers would commune within the laws and regulations that honor the Divine Sacred Feminine and bring healing to each and every womb on Earth. To enter an agreement upon Goddess code not only are you agreeing to withstand the divine weight of responsibility imposed upon you by your sacred sister, but you are also upholding your own beautiful and meaningful experience and needs within your agreed upon relations. 

    Ask questions if you need to!

    Thus far all 80 POC enrolled have upheld their side of this sacred relationship.


    Once you have completed your studies, you will receive a certification of completion with the Indigi Golden Herbal Academy as a Certified Herbalist!

    This course is designed to lead you on the path as an herbalist, whether you wish to continue your education in the field or not. This program opens the door for you to do so. You will be provided with an extensive list of opportunities for continuing your education.

    Best of wishes!!!!!

    I am here for you through out the course and would love to become an ally in the plant/medical field as you grow and learn more.

    We are here to teach each other. & you will be connected to a community of over 80 amazing POC herbalists / apprentices like yourself! Many who are further along the journey and several who will just be beginning. 

    Note: We added February to our year. So February, June, and October we enroll 13 people! Love being able to keep our circles intimate! 

    Student Reviews

    "I would recommend this course to all who are interested in exploring and learning much in herbalism. If you wish to immerse yourself in the plant world this is a great course to take. You will learn various methods of healing with plants, and how to take this knowledge and help yourself, community, and loved ones. ✨✨

    Being in this course will help guide you into discovering what areas of herbalism you are most drawn to. You will have the opportunity to make herbal products and also participate in lovely activities, that help you to connect deeper with nature. ✨

    This course will provide you with many takeaways and is well worth the investment. ✨" - Marilyn

    "To describe this course in one word: abundance ! I feel so grateful to have access to all of this information, as I am reading the information it just activates so much within me. Give thanks" - Erica October 2019

    "I am so excited to dive into what I feel like has been my calling since i was young. I cannot wait to share these practice with my grandma the one that really introduced me to holistic medicine and herbs - Jazmin  October 2019"

    "Greetings Sister Jen, I first want to thank you for the lesson as this has been very helpful with learning about the Heart and Cardiovascular system, also learning the many remedies to assist the body in healing. I really like the short quizzes after the lessons, as it helps to really keep in memory of what I learned." - Bianca May 2019

    "🙏🏾💙✨ This is divine. I’m so ready and excited to dive deep into the medicine and magic. And to journey with the ancestors. Mmmm. Let’s go!" - Tekerra Guy October 2019

    "Omg this introduction feels like the cozy warm entryway of a home. Absolutely excited to be on this journey. Although I will be learning Chinese herbalism in school I long for a local understanding of the herbs so that East meets West in multiple dimensions for my future clients. I am also very excited to be more contemplative with the herbs and incorporate them daily into my life, the way they have always wanted to. I feel a strong familial belonging and can't wait to commune with you all!" - Lina  May 2019

    "WOW. What an informative lesson. Although thorough (and I am sure all of this information still doesn't scratch the surface), it was definitely intriguing to learn about the molecules and the relationship with the body and plants from a more intentional (wholistic) perspective." - Thandiwe May 2019

    "Amazing information and simple to follow so far, thank you my love." - Corinne May 2019

    Our Community

    Study Herbalism with a woman of color and with contributors of Indigenous lineages from across the diaspora! 

    Many of our proceeds go to helping those indigenous lineages from Africa to India, running schools, and supporting families from lower income or caste systems.

    Every Dollar truly helps those in need! 

    Please Join our wait list for the next enrollment dates!

    Table of Contents

    How Does this Course Work?
    Extra Credit: Naturopathy & Modern Science
    Doctrine of Signatures
    Sacred Properties & Plant Actions
    Speaking the Language of Plants
    Herbs that Nourish
    Muladhara: Immune System and how it Functions
    Herbs for the Immune System
    Svadhisthana: Reproductive System & Herbs
    Manipura: Digestive System & Herbs
    Anahata: The Cardiovascular System & Herbs
    Vishuddha: The Respiratory System & Herbs
    Ajna & Sahasrar: Nervous System & Herbs
    Ancestral Work

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I have access to the course material?

    Forever! You will be required to print the downloadable files attached to the various lessons, and create a binder. In the binder you will be able to keep all of the information presented to you in the course. However, after your apprenticeship has come to a close at the one year mark from when you enrolled, you will no longer have access to the online material. You are required to make a keep a binder for all important information presented in the course if you wish to keep the written content presented online.

    Will there be homework or assignments?

    Yes there is plenty of work to do for your self practice, matter of fact the entire course empowers you to do the field work about herbs and learn from experience. The entire program is hands on.

    What if I do not live in California and cannot attend the in person workshops?

    Most of our students live outside of California and several live outside of the country. For those who live outside of California, you are empowered and highly suggested to find a community of herbalists near you.... or create one.... where you can share the information presented in this course to practice herbalism hands on. Or you can study with an experienced herbalist and healer in person along with taking this course. You may also take other courses related to this course with a formal university or search on The American Herbal Guild website to find a mentor near you. The more you learn the better. Getting your hands in the soil is extremely important during this course and you will be required to participate in at home "field studies" as you get to know the energetics of the plants you are working with. You will also be required to work with plants at home, this course is a very hands on experience even from the comforts of your own home.

    How do I become certified with this program?

    Unfortunately the medical system does not recognize certified herbalists. However, once you have completed this program you will receive a certification of completion for the course and since this is an herbal course that trains you in the various uses of herbs, then you will in fact be a certified herbalist. Though this program is not accredited, it falls under traditional and Indigenous medicine. You will have undergone a modernized and culturally displaced rite-of-passage and initiation and will graduate with this program with extensive training. Still you are encouraged to further your education after completing this program if you wish to obtain clinical training for greater licenses in this field or can in fact study with a traditional healer. You will be encouraged to do so.

    Can I start my own practice or make medicine for people?

    Of course you can begin to work with friends, family, and eventually see clients as your expertise and knowledge in herbalism evolves at your own risk. Mind you, as a certified herbalist or herbal practitioner we cannot prescribe herbs to our friends, family, or clients. We can only suggest or recommend herbs, and this program will teach you about the various steps in doing so. A tip of inspiration: several women in my own herbal certification training (also with a non-accredited school) opened up their own apothecaries, started their own herbal product lines, and offer herbal services to their communities. This program goes into the depth that it takes to even become comfortable with the idea of seeing clients or helping to treat / heal family members or friends. But first we must heal ourselves!

    How can I juggle this course and other important life events?

    Great question and commonly asked! Many folx do have other engagements and commitments that they fulfill whilst also working within the parameters and sacred circle of this course. It is completely do-able! Which I why the course was created in this particular way. An online herbal course allows you to work closely with the herbs and learn from the mentors shared by the Academy while also maintaining life outside of academia. You have the best of both worlds! Your freedom to travel, to take care of your children from home, to learn at your own pace, etc. whilst also being full engaged and receiving a wealth of knowledge.

    What if I started making payments on the payment plan but run into a "situation" and can no longer afford tuition?

    All payments are final, no funds will be reimbursed to you! Please ensure, before you sign up that you do not waste your time or the time shared by the academy meaning if you know that this course is out of your price range, do not sign up. Wait until you have resources secure for your tuition. Do not make payments and expect to be reimbursed if you cannot continue. If you wish to remain in the program, we can discuss scholarship opportunities, work trade, and other ways in which you can make up the difference.

    I live outside of the United States, can I still take this course?

    Absolutely, we have many folx enrolled in our program that are from all over the world and who live in other countries! It is very do-able!

    What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

    Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, you can forfeit your responsibility to the course however no refunds will be available. Each payment is final! Unless there is an emergency situation, and in that case we can discuss partial refunds.

    I still have a question, how can I contact you?

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at


    1. Indigi Golden Herbal Academy reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. This is possible if the facilitator feels that an apprentice is harmful to the community in any way! 

    2. We are not responsible for allergic reactions or harmful reactions caused by any herb or remedy suggested or taught in this academy.

    3. We do not issue refunds after any of the monthly payments have been made, regardless of circumstance unless absolute emergency and then partial payments can be negotiated.