Are You Ready to Improve Your Credit?

This is a six month self-paced, self-guided course. Participants will learn about the factors that affect credit scores, as well how to improve, build, and manage credit moving forward. A digital copy of the book "Step By Step: How to Improve Your Credit Scores" is also included with the course.If you need additional assistance with this process, consulting time with me can be purchased throughout the course. To learn more about me as well as my additional courses on CourseCraft, click on my photo at the bottom of the page.  

  • Dr. Johnson has written an amazing book!! Things that I learned by reviewing the material step by step was amazing. I was tired of the struggle with my credit and the scams that were out there. From being in her seminars and now using the steps she has given I was able to purchase my new truck and open various lines of credit!! I’m so thankful for her professionalism and wisdom of how credit works!! I’m looking forward to more of her material and the opportunity to learn from a REAL expert! Her methods are proven and extremely rewarding. Thank you Dr. Johnson for having a true passion for the information you have provided.

    — Victoria Holland
  • Thanks to some of the personal advice you've given me (and even more advice I've gleaned from your easy to read and understand STEPS books) I'm hovering around 800 on 2 of my 3 credit scores and a little over 800 on the 3rd, respectively. With your guidance, I made some difficult, yet smart money decisions over the last 6 months and am now reaping the benefits of these incredible scores. I was able to purchase my current home at 2.75% for 15 yr on the mortgage. Even the banks were blown away by these incredible rates. This DOES NOT happen without phenomenal credit, and I have you to thank for pushing me over the top!

    — Gregory K.

Table of Contents

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Keys to Succeeding in This Course
Moving Forward With the Right Mindset
Textbook (Download)
Step 1-The Basics of Credit Reports and Credit Scores
Introduction to Step 1
What are Credit Reports and Credit Scores?
Identity Theft and Your Rights as a Consumer
Sample Dispute Letter
Step 2-Building Credit
Introduction to Step 2
Credit Cards, Loans, Authorized Users, and Much More
Step 3-Additional Items That Affect Credit Scores
Introduction to Step 3
Cosigning, Credit Inquiries, and Bankruptcy
Step 4-Money Management and Your Credit Scores
Managing Your Money and Your Credit
Sample Payment Arrangement and Settlement Letters
Step 5-Credit Repair Scams

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee that my credit scores will increase?

Although I have had clients that received thousands of dollars in scholarships, I can't guarantee that you will receive scholarships. Your success will depend on how you apply what you have learned in the course. This is why it is important to complete every lesson and consistently apply what you have learned.

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled and paid the enrollment fee, you will have access to the course for one year from the date that you enrolled.

Can you help me if I still need additional guidance with improving my credit?

Yes. If you need additional assistance, consulting time can be purchased. Time frames along with consulting fees are listed once you click on the enroll button.

I have a general question about the course. How can I contact you?

I am happy to answer general questions about the course. You can send an email to or you can post questions in the comments sections within the course.

Technical Support

When you enroll in the course there is a small link at the bottom of the welcome email that tells you to direct technical questions to CourseCraft. You will also have the small tech support chat bubble on your dashboard.