How to Love Your Period

Do you feel like PMS rules your life?

Have you ever told a friend "I hate my period! I wish I was a boy."

Have you been told you are "over-sensitive" or "irrational"?

Do you approach the week before your period with fear and anxiety?

It doesn't have to be like this. There is another way! This course can help.

Having your period doesn't have to be a tearful, painful or irritating experience. 

In the Love Your Period e-course, we will go step by step through a series of experiments you can use to help you have a happier period. We'll learn about unorthodox but effective ways of managing our PMS, cramps and other symptoms. 

Ready to transform your menstrual experience?

We'll focus on the mental and emotional aspects of your menstrual cycle, and how you can use mindfulness, mantras and attention to have a more pleasant period. You will leave practices that will bring you towards a more calm, comfortable and peaceful period.

We'll learn how emotional and physical toxins can exacerbate premenstrual symptoms. It doesn't matter if you had a green smoothie or a McMuffin for breakfast before you come, you'll leave with detox steps that will fit into your life today.

We'll explore how cardio exercise, mediation, stretching and sleep can all support a more pleasant period. You'll learn how to time your heart-pumping workout and when it's okay to just stretch out for a while.

We'll talk about which supplements can support different symptoms, and when it's important to take them. (Hint: It's not everyday!) We'll also discuss working with outside support, when you're doing all the right things and it's not getting better.

Let's dive in!

Your Guide

Lily Calfee has inspired countless women to treat themselves to only the best in their relationships, careers, and self-care. She organizes retreats, workshops, and cooking classes, and motivates her clients to start writing, dancing, drawing, and singing again.

Lily got her undergraduate degree at the University of Vermont and spent her last semester at The Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art in rural France. She’s managed a kitchen full of farm interns, and been awarded certification as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Lily currently spends her time writing about the connection between creativity and self-love, and coaching women to radically transform their lives and health. You can learn more about her work at Ideal Nourishment.

  • The results I saw were amazing! Two months after transforming my diet I felt energetic, no more brain fog. I felt like I was able to concentrate more, I had no bloating, no gas and most importantly my period pain went from a 2 day excruciating process to a 1 hour mild discomfort. It’s been unbelievable! For once in my life I feel privileged to be a women. Thank you, Lily.

    — Claire
  • I came to Lily because I was experiencing painful menstrual cycles and some imbalances in my eating that I didn’t feel motivated to correct. During my session we dove really deep into my emotional attachments to my eating habits and this helped me feel ready to make changes.

    She gave me some really great recommendations about preventing cramps. I took all of her suggestions about the eating changes that I wanted to make and the results felt great. I had a menstrual cycle without cramps a few weeks after my session with Lily!

    I still follow my list of recommendations from Lily and it’s made really positive difference for me. I carry with me the many deep and profound insights that I gained through being coached by Lily.

    — Alexandra

You might have objections like:

  • "Everyone has period cramps and PMS. Are you saying there's something wrong with me?"

First, you are perfect and complete and loved. We've been taught that this is just what women have to deal with every month and that's not the whole story. It is possible to experience a more pleasant period.

  • "It's always been like this. A few mediation exercises aren't going to change anything."

If you could experience your ideal menstrual cycle, what would it be like? Painless? Free from anxiety? You can create that with subtle diet and lifestyle changes.

  • "Yuck, periods! Who would want to talk about that for eight weeks!?!"

Hear that, right there? That's what women are taught; that our periods are gross, annoying and taboo. Let's change the stereotype! Let's create a world where our daughters grow up knowing that every month they get a physical reminder that they are the cradle of life. Are you willing to be the catalyst for that change?

If you are sick of feeling crazy, crampy and bloated every month, this workshop is for you. If you are scared of leaving home without Advil but open to experimenting, this workshop is for you! 

Ready to start loving your period?

I’ve tried everything; nothing works. How will this work be different?

Counting calories is not inspiring, neither is dogma or guilt. Feeling great IS inspiring. I’ll help you figure out what makes you feel good, and then how to keep making inspired choices. We'll transform "self-discipline" into self-love, and you'll be amazed at what you can create.

How much effort will it be for me to change my habits and improve my health?

Obviously transforming your life isn't simple, otherwise you already would have done it, and you wouldn't be scouring the web looking for solutions. However, there lots of ways to make change easier and less intimidating. I have helped many people transform their lives, and I will help you as well.

Are you in?