Goddess Home Cleansing: Create A Home That Supports You & Your Soul

Are you ready to FINALLY have a frustration-free home that creates a sense of ease, freedom and awe?

Are you ready for step-by-step processes that remove all overwhelm and make decluttering, space planning and organization manageable and EASY?

Are you ready to know where everything in your home is located at any given moment and then EASILY get it with no clanging, digging, or searching?

And the most important question... Are you ready to finally FEEL like the Goddess you were meant to be? 

Someone who envelops grace, confident and calm... Someone who takes care of themself, loves themself, and treats themselves with respect... Someone who sleeps well and wakes up rejuvenated, someone who feels radiant in all of their clothes, surrounds themselves with quality and feels consistently uplifted? 

Welcome to Goddess Home Cleansing : Create A Home That Supports You & Your Soul

This is going to the best 2 months of your life and the most loving investment you could ever purchase for yourself. 

So congratulations on stepping up, being ready for change, and learning to put yourself first. 

  • Prior to partaking in this course, I felt extremely overwhelmed with how to tackle organizing my house and belongings, so I never did it even though it was a big frustration. I was tired of spending mornings looking for my kids' shoes or keys. As a mom of two young ones and a full-time entrepreneur, I've always felt I would never have the time to declutter my home. This program took me step-by-step in a fun and easy process! Not only did my house become decluttered, but my mind did too! I feel lighter and happier! I love how the program combines soul with decluttering and organization challenges because you also get to work on your emotional well-being in addition to your home. I also love how the energy has shifted in my home and in my life as a result of this beautiful course. The energy feels lighter and more inviting. Bianca is so supportive and empathic and this really comes through in this program.

    — Jess L.

About The Course:

  • This is a 2 month long course, decluttering the biggest struggle areas in your home takes a lot of time but you are able to take it at your own pace if you like too. Each module is released biweekly, I encourage you to keep up with with the release dates because getting this type of work done and over with pays off! You really don't want to give yourself TOO much time because then things tend to get easily put off. I understand that life happens, so if you need to tackle decluttering your home on your own schedule that is fine too!
  • In each module you will receive:
    • Questions for you to answer on your own so you can discover your frustrations within your home and solutions on how to make your life and home more convenient for you
    • Easy step-by-step decluttering tasks in downloadablePDF format 
    • Convenient printable checklists
    • Inspiration for how to set up your home with ease

Results To Expect After Completion:

  1. True clarity on what you really want for yourself and your home
  2. A completely CLUTTER FREE space in the major stress areas of the kitchen, bathroom/self care products, and wardrobe
  3. Positive, uplifted energy throughout your home
  4. Feeling lighter within yourself because you have let go of emotional and physical clutter
  5. A completely NEW BEGINNING within your home and life
  6. New herbal recipes for self-care spa products, cleaning sprays and more! 

Don't miss out
It's the best course ever

One-Time Payment

$149.99 once

Payment Plan #1

4 payments of $44.99/month
  • Before starting the decluttering course, I felt overwhelmed, unorganized, blocked, and like I would never get ahead in my home. While taking the course I felt really productive and happy! I knew I was making room for positive change and the decluttering became easy. After completing a few weeks, my home and I felt lighter, freer and clearer. My relationship with my husband grew stronger, my business started to blossom, I completed many tasks I was procrastinating on, I learned more about myself as a person AND my mental clutter was released as well. Bianca is a truly gifted teacher. She is a kind-hearted woman who is soulful, wise and patient. She is there every step of the way if you are feeling overwhelmed at times. She does not come from a place of judgment but genuinely cheers you on for success. This program will open up your eyes and transform your home for life. It created space for blessings to come into my life. Thank you so much lovely Bianca! I am truly grateful for this experience and recommend her services highly!

    — Ashley W.

Module 1: The Goddess Kitchen

⇸ How to create an area that works for you and makes your life easier in the kitchen

⇸ Decluttering and organizing everything from appliances, utensils and baking supplies to your full pantry 

⇸ Adding decorations, colors and energizing elements to enhance the feel of your kitchen

Module 2: The Goddess Bathroom & Self Care Products

⇸ How to create a bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and easily fits all of your product

⇸ Decluttering and organizing everything from make-up and spa products all the way to your q-tips

⇸ How to create a bathroom space that promotes confidence and relaxation

Module 3: The Goddess Wardrobe

⇸ How to fold and hang your clothes so you can SEE everything you own 

⇸ Creating clarity around who you are, who you want to be and how you want your Goddess vibe to come off

⇸ Decluttering and organizing every single item of clothing and accessories that will leave you feeling amazing, confident, comfortable and sexy in EVERYTHING

Module 4: All Natural Products For A Goddess To Use

⇸ Recipes for all natural cleaning products

⇸ Recipes for spa baths that nourishes your skin 

⇸ Face mask recipes to nurture your face

⇸ Recipes for herbal teas to help you relax, unwind and sleep

⇸ Recipes for herbal teas to support your energy 


  • Before You Begin Your Decluttering & Organization Journey Lecture, the best practices and tools for organization, functionality, space planning and more! ($99 value)
  • 50% off first home, body, soul coaching month (normal packages start at $500/mo)
  • 50% off a custom flower essence blend to support your Goddess growth ($60 normally)

Are you ready to change your life?
Lets do this!

One-Time Payment

$149.99 once

Payment Plan #1

4 payments of $44.99/month

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need!

Do I have to follow along monthly with the course content?

No. It is highly encouraged to keep things moving along but you are allowed to put you and your needs first and continue at your own pace :)

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Course Lessons

Before You Begin
Creating Clarity In Your Home
Prepping For Decluttering
The Goddess Kitchen
Best Practices For Decluttering Your Kitchen
Kitchen Functionality & Organizational Products
Kitchen Decluttering To-Do & Downloadable Check List
Creating Your Version Of Vitality In Your Kitchen
The Goddess Bathroom
Bathroom Functionality & Organizational Products
Best Practices For Decluttering Your Bathroom Products
Bathroom Decluttering To-Do & Downloadable Check List
Creating A Spa-Like Atmosphere Exercise
The Goddess Wardrobe
Finding The True You Exercise To Create Clarity
Best Practices For Decluttering Your Wardrobe
Full Wardrobe & Accessories To-Do Downloadable Check List
Wardrobe Functionality & Organizational Products
All Natural Products For A Goddess To Use
All Natural Cleaning Product Recipes
All Natural Spa Recipes
Healing Remedies That Will Support You & Your Energy
Continuing Your Journey

Are you ready to change your life?
Lets do this!

One-Time Payment

$149.99 once

Payment Plan #1

4 payments of $44.99/month