Are You Feeling Stuck in a Trauma Loop?

Are you feeling stuck in repeating trauma patterns from the past that you cannot seem to think or feel your way out of?

The good news is that your deeper creative unconscious wants to give you messages for healing. You just need to learn how to access it.

This course 30 offers simple expressive art directives that will start to interrupt your old trauma patterns in enlightening and powerful ways by inviting your creative unconscious to speak to you through art.

Who Are You Meant to Be?

Changing your Frozen Trauma Patterns

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."

~ Edward de Bono

Do you long to release trauma patterns intuitively through colours, pictures and words? Do you need daily support to creatively unravel your cyclical or persistent pain steadily, safely and surely? Trauma is so common to our human condition, we often do not recognize the signs. Unresolved trauma establishes disorganized, stuck emotional "holding patterns" in your body. 

Art can be used to work through trauma in a profoundly gentle way. Art accesses the same areas of the brain that encodes trauma. Words in the form of free association writing can support the reintegration of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Please join me for a creative journey of trauma healing through a series of 30 intuitive creativity prompts, arriving every day for 30 days. All intuitive art and writing exercises support the non-logical expression and release of emotional trauma imprints from the brain and body through creating spontaneous colour, shapes, and images.

30 Days
Intuitive Art Prompts

It’s never too late to become the person you were meant to be.

~ George Eliot

Are you on a trauma healing journey? Do you long to become the person you were meant to be, but your trauma symptoms keep coming up to block your progress? Do you sometimes have trouble getting through the day, and feel challenged with cyclical bouts of emotional, mental and physical pain?

Most of us lead busy lives caring for work, home and family. When you are hurting, you can touch in for a few minutes each day to unravel what is aching to be expressed and resolved. Every day for 30 days, you will receive a new art exercise. Throughout the day, I invite you to meditate upon, write about, and integrate the art you have spontaneously created.

Pacing and Integration Time

Designed to be gentle on your nervous system, I invite you to gently release the imprints of trauma through regularly creating intuitive art for 30 days. Intuitive watercolour painting, drawing, collage, breathing and body movement exercises offer a creative way into your body, to invite your higher self's healing guidance.

This course is simple. Every time you allow yourself to be spontaneous - you open up a window to heal emotionally. Each lesson takes 5-15 minutes a day to complete. Your lessons arrive every day for 30 days.

Go at your own pace. Take time to sense into the shapes, colours and words that have emerged from your intuitive creations. You do not have to complete your lessons every day if it does not feel right.

The Mystery of Trauma Healing

“Trauma is hell on earth. Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods. A heroic journey that belongs to all of us.” 

~ Peter A. Levine

This 30-day course approaches trauma healing as a kindly slow, intuitive, body attentive transformational journey. Every day you can expect:

1. A small lesson on trauma healing, 

2. A simple intuitive art, movement or breathing exercise

3. An invitation to reflect upon your intuitive art through free association writing. 

A Simple Course for the Emotionally Overwhelmed

This course is suitable for individuals struggling with stuck imprints of event trauma, developmental (attachment) trauma, and inherited trauma. If you are in the process of healing recent, acute or complex trauma, I encourage you to seek support from a trauma-informed therapist.

Because trauma can become frozen in the body, you will be encouraged to get in the flow of your body's wisdom through spontaneous creative exercises that are simple to execute, and do not require artistic talent or skill.

As you meditate upon your intuitive drawings, paintings, collages and poetry, your higher wisdom will give you the messages that you uniquely need to release, resolve and heal stuck trauma patterns.

30 Days
Intuitive Art Prompts

Course Materials

1. A Sketchbook: 8x10 or larger for intuitively creating and writing in. You might want to create your art on the right page of your sketchbook and do your free association writing on the left side.

2. Or, Heavy Card Stock Paper: As an alternative to a sketchbook, you might want to create your intuitive art on 8-1/2 x 11 inch card stock and write your free associations on the back.

3. Watercolour Paints: You might want to purchase a good set of watercolour paints, as well as several good brushes.

4. Coloured Markers: Kid's markers work fine, such as Crayola, for simple intuitive drawings.

5. Oil Pastels: Student grade are fine for expressive drawings.

6. Collage Materials: Have magazines on hand to cut up - mostly for intuitively chosen words - and a pair of scissors and a glue stick. Any kind of magazine will do. Used magazines can be found at second-hand stores.

7. Black Pens: of varying thicknesses for drawing such as Sharpies and ballpoint pens.

Course Delivery

Lessons are delivered once a day after you purchase your course. You will get email reminders to view your lessons when you forget to check into the classroom.

It is helpful to bookmark this link so you can review your course content whenever you want:

Intuitive Drawing and Painting

Intuitive art, done in an emotionally expressive way does not alway yield a conventionally "pretty" picture. Conventional aesthetics aside, it feels wonderful to express in an honest way -  that is completely true to your feelings of the moment. 

I include examples of my daily intuitive drawings and paintings in every lesson to demonstrate how art for emotional processing need not be concerned with beauty. I encourage you to intuitively draw and paint your truth. Your intuitive art will look different than mine. I offer you loving encouragement to be true to yourself.

Repeating Your Lessons

I encourage you to move through this creative journey several times in order to heal different layers of trauma. At the end of your 30 day intuitive journey, you will receive a 65 page illustrated PDF of all the lessons so that you can travel through this journey more than once.


This course is not a substitute for individual therapy. If you are healing recent trauma or are in a trauma healing crisis, I urge you to seek counselling support. If your pain is overwhelming and is making it difficult to practically function, I suggest that you connect to a trauma informed therapist in your area. 

You will not heal all of the layers of trauma in 30 days, however, you will get in the habit of creating something spontaneous every day so as to begin to move the "stuck spots" and begin your healing process. If you want to further extend your emotional healing process, and would like more prompts to inspire you to continue creating past the 30 days,  I recommend exploring 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy.

This course is suitable for people who are struggling with emotional pain and past trauma imprints, and yet are still functional enough to maintain work, home and family to a moderate degree. If you would like online therapy support as an adjunct to this course, I welcome you to visit me on my website and explore my therapy packages HERE.

PDF Download

This is a 30-day program. A consolidated PDF is available at the end of your healing journey. 

Trauma therapists or practitioners, if you are taking this course to use in sessions with clients, these art directives are short and simple enough to use in office without an art table or extensive art materials. 

You will receive a PDF of all art directives at the end of the course.

30 Days
Intuitive Art Prompts

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. You will receive one prompt a day for 30 days, and can revisit the prompts as often as you like.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at