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This is a course to help people to practice mindfulness with children. Whether you want to practice with your family, your class or another children's group, in this course you'll explore what might work for your environment.

We will explore ten mindfulness practices in detail. 

I use cards to represent each practice: when we practice, I choose some cards and put them in the centre of the circle and children take turns picking. So we never quite know what will happen next!

Can children really practice mindfulness?


They really can. 

We sometimes associate mindfulness with sitting silently on a cushion in formal meditation - but mindfulness is an energy, a kind awake presence that we bring to this moment of our lives. Mindfulness is always mindfulness of something, so we can help children to practice in infinite ways, from chocolate meditation to a Gruffalo-inspired body scan.

With these practices, we learn how to come back to our body, notice our feelings, strengthen our joy and take care of our worry and anger. 

If your group loves art or play-acting or being out in nature, you can adapt these practices to maximise enjoyment!

How it works?

First, you'll receive a series of 'good things to know' - to help you before you start practicing with children!

Each week we'll explore one practice. This is to allow you time to absorb the practice for yourself. Your honest experience is crucial for sharing: it means that when a child says "I'm so bored!" you'll be able to say "I feel bored too sometimes." Children don't do what you say, they do what you do. Sharing from your heart and your own direct experience is the way.

Another benefit of practicing ourselves first is that with repetition, the possibilities of the practice open up to us. One day we think, "This would work great in a forest!" or "We should build a 3D rainbow..." This isn't a didactic space. It is an invitation. So let your creativity soar and really make the practices your own.

Stay safe!

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Table of Contents

The foundations
a) Basic elements - sitting
b) Basic elements - enjoying your breath
c) Basic elements - our attitude to ourselves
The practices
1) Weather
2) Catch happy
3) Starfish
4) Flower watering
5) Alien snack
6) Storm
7) Tiger
8) Rabbit
9) Imaginature
10) Zzzzz
Next steps

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

You'll have access to it online indefinitely.

Can I ask questions during the course?

Yep - there's a forum as part of the course, so you can share your experiences or questions.

I still have a question before I sign up, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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Totally free


Pay what you want :-)

Suggested: €20