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Gluten-Free + Me!

This course is a simple introduction to the basics of a gluten-free lifestyle. Whether you have just been handed a diagnosis of Celiac Disease, a wheat allergy or another need to enter into the gluten-free world this course will provide you with the start-up information that is key to your success!

This course is for you if:

  • you want to learn more about starting a gluten-free lifestyle
  • you are newly diagnosed and need to eat gluten-free
  • you have a newly diagnosed family/friend and you want to learn more (GO YOU, that is super supportive!)

What will you learn?

The eCourse is very simple. You can take your time and ask questions along the way! The "move at your own pace" course consists of 12 lessons that are full of "need to know" information for those just starting the journey! We will be comfortably covering a range of topics from:

What exactly is “gluten-free”, life after diagnosis, life in the kitchen, how to read labels, gluten-free certifications, gluten-free on the road, household products, personal care products, emergencies, taking care of YOU and more!

There are also THREE bonus lessons:

  1. Surviving the Holidays while gluten-free
  2. THE best gluten-free websites out there!
  3. THE best gluten-free books out there!

This course is NOT for you if:

  • you are an expert
  • you already know the basics
  • you've been doing this for month/years

Still feeling you need more? Email me at and I can share my 1-1 consulting rates with you! I am affordable and I can help! But this course is probably not for you, if you've been eating gluten-free for a while! :)