Understanding The Revised Food Label

This course is divided into two sections. Part 1 focuses on the core concepts of the food label and 2018 changes. Part 2 focuses on healthy eating and its relationship with the food label. 

At the end of the entire course, you should be able to:

–Articulate the importance of reading a food label

–Describe how food labels help to make healthy lifestyle choices

–Connect food labels to disease prevention and management

–Assess the content of a labeled food package

–Discuss the impact of fat and sugar on diet and health

–Compare and contrast the old food label to the revised one

–Identify the 2018 changes in food labels

–Discuss the reasons behind 2018 label revision

This course has been approved by NCHEC for CHES/MCHES to receive 2-category 1 entry level CECH credits.