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I Know This From Personal Experience

I've spent a great deal of my life seized up internally—and let me tell you, when you're paralyzed by dread and worry, or consumed with self-doubt, you can't engage with Life in a full, meaningful way.

Forget about joy or authentic connection.  You're just trying to get through the next 24 hours.

And that's a painful way to live, isn't it?  Trying to be "normal" while fear and anxiety are squeezing at your heart, your throat, your gut . . .

If you're nodding your head, you've probably tried every remedy there is. 

And I'm sure you've had well-meaning people give you suggestions that only made you feel worse.

I certainly have.  And here's what I know for sure: 

When you're highly anxious, or in a full state of alarm, you don't need someone telling you to "Relax" or "Calm Down".  

That's like saying "Unblock Your Airway" to a person who's choking.


What You Need Is Immediate RELIEF

You need to know HOW to calm down.

You need to understand what type of fear you're in and which tools to use to move through it.

That's what this FREE Support Kit offers.  

And it's fully equipped with how-to-videos that will help you take care of yourself in a healthy, empowering way.

No Matter WHAT You're Facing, This Kit Will Help! Sign Up and Get Relief NOW.

Here's What You'll Get

FIRST AID for Panic, Terror & High Anxiety

  • Nine videos that show you quick and easy ways to ground yourself and calm your nervous system.
  • Two PDF printouts to support your work with EFT (Tapping).

FIRST AID for Racing Thoughts, Rumination & Catastrophizing

  • Four videos that teach you techniques to support an over-active mind.
  • A guided visualization that will help you get out of the spin-cycle.

FIRST AID for General Anxiety, Self Doubt & Overwhelm

  • Four videos that give you tools to manage overwhelm and insecurity.
  • A PDF worksheet to help you create a strong foundation for healthy boundaries.

And There's More

I also talk honestly about anxiety and offer several new ideas (and tips) to help you relate to it in a new way.

I truly believe that as we start LISTENING to our fear and anxiety, (instead of AVOIDING these feeling states) our lives will change for the better.

And this First Aid Kit will help you start that process.

I hope you find it as helpful as I have. 

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Table of Contents

Hello From Kelli
The Truth About Anxiety
Another Truth About Anxiety
FIRST AID for Panic, Terror & High Anxiety
Get Grounded!
"This Is Happening."
Three Easy Breathing Techniques
Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
FIRST AID for Racing Thoughts, Rumination & Catastrophizing
Pull Focus
Blue, Green, White
Drop Anchor
Slow Down The Bullets
Stop Mind-Chatter With WORDLESSNESS
FIRST AID for General Anxiety, Self Doubt & Overwhelm
Anxiety Isn't a Problem! It's a task completing expert.
The Three Magic Questions
The 3 Kinds of Business

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

For as long as CourseCraft exists - which I hope is a very long time! Once you've enrolled, you'll have access to all the videos and course material for as long as you need them. Just remember to add this page to your bookmarks bar!

What if I have a question? How can I contact you?

I'm always happy to answer any questions you might have. You can post right in this forum (once you've signed up) or you can send a private email to me at and I'll respond as soon as I can.

What if I want to work privately with you?

Your first step is to book a Free Consultation with me so we can meet over Zoom (or Skype or by Phone) and talk. You'll tell me everything you're dealing with and what you'd like to change and I'll tell you honestly what my approach would be so you can decide for yourself if you want to go further with me. You can find everything you need to make that appointment on my website: or you can email me at

About Me

Hi, I'm Kelli Younglove, a Consciousness Coach, a Boundary Barista, and a life-long student of Fear.

After years of trying to FIX my anxiety, I learned something important: Fear and Anxiety aren't problems. They're not something we need to get RID OF.

They're part of a brilliant communication system and they hold important messages for us. Once you start listening, everything begins to shift and change.

As a coach, I love working with people who are willing to turn inward.  If that's you, I can help you tune in to your inner wisdom so you can find clarity during times of stress, overwhelm, uncertainty, and fear.

You can read more about my coaching style HERE

No Matter WHAT You're Facing, This Kit Will Help! Sign Up and Get Relief NOW.