Healing Grief With Expressive Art and Writing

Have you just suffered a recent loss? Or, are you still struggling to come to terms with an old loss? If so, in this course, I offer you a modular way to heal grief through art, writing, and self-care in ways that you might not have considered before. Dedicating yourself to unconventional, creative grief healing tasks each day will accelerate your healing.

Healing the Complexity of Grief

"Not all emotions experienced by a person who is grieving are directly related to loss. However, unless we dissect these emotions, we cannot separate the emotions related to our love of the deceased from our fears, so we tend to hold on to all of our grief."

~ Amy Cavanaugh

The Complexity of Grief

Understanding the needs and fears you are experiencing within your grief process will help you to break down the heaviness and complexity of grief.  

Breaking Down Grief

1) Sadness associated with the loss of a loved one, which is to be expected. 

2) Fears with respect to the future, which can be processed. 

3) Old wounds triggered by the loss, which needs to be separated from the loss.

Relationship with a Lost Loved One

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

~ Teilhard de Chardin

The aim of grieving is ultimately to be blessed and enriched by our relationship to our deceased loved one, and to define a meaningful with the one we have lost. 

A Modular Approach to Healing Grief

Grief affects our entire being, body, mind and soul. Grief also opens up old wounds and traumas. By working through the emotions housed in each chakra, we can progress through the different issues of grief in a comprehensive way. 

This course offers a way to break down the powerful emotions of grief. Grief is not a singular emotion. To make the grieving process more manageable we can systematically deal with the different issues of grief so as to feel more of a sense of progression and accomplishment.  Working through the chakra system provides a methodical approach to processing grief. 

Healing the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

Having explored the many nuances, complexities and agonies of grief in my own life, as well as with many others in my therapy space, I can share with utmost certainty that every grief process is unique. 

With each loss we experience, we can find poetic and creative ways to surrender to the transformational changes that the grief process inevitably brings.

The powerful process of healing grief changes us forever. To be fully effective, healing grief must involve the spiritual realms and energy psychology. The pain of loss and grief is too vast to address exclusively on the human level

In this course I clearly share how to heal grief on all deep levels using the principles of energy psychology. 

Energy Psychology

Recognition of the chakra system and grief’s impact upon our body's energy centers can raise our emotional awareness when we are grieving. This course you to break down the powerful emotions of grief into  understandable, manageable parts. 

An Organized Method for Healing Grief

The healing processes in this course present an organized method for healing which invite you to customize your grief work in a way that resonates with level of grief that you need to heal at.

Each weekly lesson includes:

1. Healing Colour Visualization

2. Negative and Positive Emotions in Each Chakra

3. Ten Art, Journaling and Expressive Therapy Activities 

4. Chakra Self-Care Ideas

5. Essential Oils for Comfort

6. Grief Healing Tasks

Please note there are no refunds available for this course as all course content is available up front. Please visit the first free lesson to see if this course feels right for you.

Course Delivery:

This course is a seven-week program, delivered all at once so that you can choose the chakra you most need to heal within. 

If you are in the midst of a grief process, I encourage you to do one art or writing directive a day in the chakra that requires the most healing first. 

Or, you can work your way up from the first to the seventh - one chakra per week.  

A PDF of all art and self-care practices is available at the end of the course. Each week you will receive ten art and writing suggestions to heal your grief in level-appropriate daily ways. 

It is also helpful to bookmark this link so you can review your course content whenever you want:

Heal Your Grief 
A 7 Week Program

Table of Contents

1st Chakra: Healing Family Disruption
2nd Chakra: Healing Unfinished Business
3rd Chakra: Healing Loss of Identity
4th Chakra: The Need for Forgiveness
5th Chakra: Communicating Grief
6th Chakra: Signs from the Deceased
7th Chakra: Reflection on Life Purpose
Epilogue: How to Process Grief Completely

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Heal Your Grief
A 7 Week Program