Enhance Your Business Chi with Feng Shui

Enhancing Your Business Chi with Feng Shui

is a self paced course of inquiry and observation about how your energy is flowing in, around and through you and your business.

Created by Sherry Trentini, Enhancing Your Business Chi with Feng Shui is for virtual business owners, solo-preneurs, and entrepreneurs who may feel that the energy that you started your business with may differ from what you feel now.

  • Perhaps the energy in your business would benefit from a freshening up, lightening up, a rejuvenation or re-connection to.
  • If your business vibe is blooming, perhaps you want to up-level or upgrade from the good place you are in.
  • If you are starting a business, aligning with the most ideal energy going forward is a brilliant way to lay the foundation.

Feng Shui is is the mindful placement of your physical things to help balance, enhance & improve the energy or the feel within your physical space.

The Feng Shui Bagua Map is a tool that is used to map where the life areas are located in a physical space, Sherry uses it to see how it applies to our mental house.

As the founder, creator, owner & operator

YOU are at the center of it all,

YOU are the center or core energy fueling your business; 

 therefore how you think about the life areas affect your business and life overall.

How do you feel about your business right now?

How does your business feel right now?


How do you ideally want to feel about your business?

How do you ideally want your business to feel?

In this course we start at the Center, channeling your core energy of how you ideally want to feel about your business and in your business.

Energy goes where attention flows! 

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Meet Sherry

I believe that

Letting go of thoughts, beliefs and or things that no longer serve you; Is essential to Creating Space in your life.

And when we have space to move and grow so can our businesses.

What if I don't know what Feng Shui is?

Whether you are very familiar or not at all; the bagua map is a tool or guide used for this program, and all you need to know is how you want to feel about your business, I'll guide you through the rest.

How in depth is this program?

The intention of this course is to introduce a way for you to observe the energy in your business overall, and introduce you to ways to enhance the flow. You could go through the course in one sitting if you so choose.

How do I receive the lessons?

All the content is published and accessible after purchase.

What if I change my mind?

The first three modules are available for free for you to get a feel for what will be covered. Once purchased all the content is readily available therefore refunds will not be offered.