Energy Hygiene + Empath Empowerment


:: A Lightworkshop w/Tatiana Sakurai ::

Are you a psychic sponge? Do you soak up other people's emotional energies or feel energetically drained in certain situations?

In Energy Hygiene class, you can pick up crucial mental, energetic, and physical tools to keep your precious self clear of the sticky accumulations and attachments that can come with service work, empathic ability, or being highly sensitive.

If you are a caregiver or service-oriented person who gets drained or blasted by other people’s psychic stuff, then this class is for you!

“Tatiana Sakurai is my spiritual teacher and mentor. If you are a sensitive empath, you must take one or all of her lightworker courses. It will change your life!”

-Laurie Books, Clary Sage Herbarium

Keys to Freedom :: Mindset Awareness
Discernment :: Knowing What You Know
Clearing :: Mental Techniques
Clearing :: Physical Techniques
Staying Clear + Grounded
  • “Tatiana Sakurai is ever-evolving beyond definition or modality! Disciplined, creative, and always learning, I feel secure knowing I have this woman in my corner as a colleague and healer! She also has a great sense of humor and is no BS, which are among the marks of a great healer. Thank you Tatiana for sharing your wisdom, your healing gaze, great laughs and energy medicine with me. If you hear the call to work with Tatiana Sakurai: listen and act!”

    — Saeri Star, Inner Glowing
  • “Tatiana Sakurai is one of the most important, empowering teachers I have ever had! In a world running amok with inflated spiritual egos, I am so grateful to have found her real, humble, authentic and universal perspective. I highly recommend the energy work that she offers and any class she teaches.”

    — Erin Aquarian, @fulltimewitch
  • “Tatiana Sakurai is a gifted lightworker who is not afraid of embracing the shadow realm as well. Her generous spirit inspires her to be in service to others regardless of circumstance. Whether you are meeting with her for a private healing session or taking a class, she offers a wealth of understanding, compassion, and wisdom. She has the ability to access ancient tools and applies them effortlessly to present needs. Tatiana is a rare gem among modern lightworkers.”

    — Kriyanna Feyalove, Toren Collective