The Vital Components to Real Dog Health

To enhance the experience (and make it more convenient), this written course is interspersed with short videos and also comes with an audio version of each lesson.

What is real dog health? Well it doesn't come in a bag, a box, a drug or a needle. It's something inherent. Something most dogs are born with and we slowly take it away unknowingly.

I am here to spark your own inner wisdom, think, and help your dog be in a state of health the current health care system at large pecks away at. It's time to be educated and realize your dog's health right now today and for his entire life, is in your hands.

Once you understand the principles, they will bring "aha" moments you will always remember.

Here are a few comments by experts in their field which you will find inside:

“Everything I knew about dog care I’d learned from someone trying to sell me something.” (Jan Rasmussen, author of Scared Poopless)

"This is one of my favorite vaccines. I call it a vaccine in search of a disease." (Dr. Ronald Schultz, immunologist, professor and chair of pathobiological sciences at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

“The patient receives no benefit and may be placed at serious risk when an unnecessary vaccine is given. " Schultz

"Vaccines containing a modified acute form of a given disease engender a low-lying, chronic form of that disease in the host. The results may account for as much as 80% of the illnesses veterinarians treat." ~ Dr. Richard Pitcairn

All processed dog foods have nutritional limitations. Dog food companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars and more than 50 years allowing us to believe their foods are all our dogs need. A dog can survive but not thrive without fresh foods. ~ Steve Brown, 20 year dog food formulator, researcher and author on canine nutrition

"The label of a pet food or specialty pet food which is intended for all life stages of the pet or specialty pet may include an unqualified claim, either directly or indirectly . . . " on pet food labels.  ~ AAFCO Regulation PF7

Do you know if what you're feeding your dog has the ingredient developed to stabilize rubber? How about the protein source which was developed to kill weeds? Did you know one of the most common drugs used for dogs was taken off the market for humans because it caused liver failure?

If you believe flea and heartworm meds are not insecticides and will not do long term damage to your dog's health, you are misinformed.

Have you ever considered changing your dog to a raw food diet but didn't know where to start or how to transition? I will go above and beyond to share with you, not just meager basics but the most optimum raw food diet there is. It costs no more than premium dog food.

For your convenience, all 8 modules or classes of this course are presented in both written and audio formats and interspersed with video. While there are some statistics, the overall course is designed to be somewhat entertaining so you can enjoy the experience. You will also have the ability to post questions and comments at the end of each module.

Please join me on the inside.

To Dog Health,

~Andrea Partee
  Dog Health Advocate
  Dog Health Coach
  Author of Dog Health Care Tips for a Healthier Longer Life
  Webmaster of Three Little Pitties. com

P.S. Want to take a peek at the table of contents for this course? Ok, here ya go!

Vaccines: The Good, Bad & the Ugly
The Scandalous Choices of Dog Treats
Choosing the Best Dog Food
Side Effects of Foods, Drugs & Toxins
Feeding Raw
Notes on Cancer Prevention
Linking Exercise, Emotion & Immune Function

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