I can't tell you how happy I am to see you here... No really... Because the thing is that I love watercolour... And it is a serious love and like anyone who loves something I want to talk about it, share all the details with you and pretty much spend as much time as I can immersed in it, so you being interested in the course just gives me an excuse to spend a bit more time with my love... Of course I hope that it becomes a love of yours as well, but I know that watercolours have gotten a bit of a bad rap at times. They are sometimes seen as being a bit wishy washy, or a bit temperamental, and that they are really hard to do or that they require years and years to master, and while the last one is right, I sort of like that about them. I have never been one to go for the stuff that you can learn in a day, but the other things are all totally wrong... They can be bold, and fresh and interesting, and relatively pain free to learn, and if you have a few skills under your belt to get you started then it can be truly delicious as well.

Let me introduce a bit more with a video

  • Tracey Fletcher King is an Australian-based artist and art teacher extraordinaire who shares her talents and skills wamly and generously around this world. Tracey became known to me via a facebook friendship and as a member of mutual art groups. Her original and delightfully named Delicious Paint class, takes the learners on-line and via links to her studio in Queensland. Tracey is a kindly, sharing and creative teacher who encourages by her enthusiasm and gift for finding that ‘one good thing’ in each of us artists who are learning alongside her. Her cheerful approach, with a most personable manner has always made me feel both valued and engaged with a newly emerging confidence in my art. As a teacher myself I am in sync with the way Tracey teaches and that in itself is a gift. I highly recommend Delicious Paint as a gateway learning path for new artists and those who would like to refresh their observational, colour mixing and brush stroke skills via Tracey Fletcher King’s course.

    — Denyse Whelan B.Ed. M.Ed.
  • Tracey Fletcher King's course gave me the courage to explore colour in my watercolour paintings. Something that I used only tentatively before enrolling in her Delicious Paints workshop. Rich colours have added a transcendence to my images that wasn't present before. I also learnt to be more spontaneous with looser lines that give my paintings personality. The overall experience injected an element of fun into my work which translates to the viewer.

    — -Andi Graf Fine Art student, Curtin University, Australia

so let's see if I can answer your questions...

What is included in the course?

The whole course is a self paced course which means it is not run "live"with lessons released each week. I will be checking in a couple of times a week regardless and will be checking on your progress. There are seven video lessons, some of which have multiple parts, as well as a materials video, and of course some welcome and goodbye chats. I have also included written explanations and examples, some images which I hope will inspire you, and some pdf's to download. Discussion boards where you can discuss, share your work, interact with your classmates and get feedback from me are available for all the lessons, plus you get access to a private facebook group, there is a pinterest board and it is available for lifetime access on this platform. Which means you can come back and revisit it any time, or if I add or update any videos you will always have access to the all of the course material.

Is this the same course you ran in 2015?

Sort of...most of the videos are the same, but I did get to add lots more text and explanation that way and to create targeted pdf's for lessons and things like that. So it sort of an expanded version of that same class. 

Do I need to buy all of the supplies and have the same stuff as you

Absolutely not. I include a supplies video and list because lots of people love an excuse to go and buy new supplies, and I personally am a big fan of any time I can pop to the shop for art supplies, but I am also a believer in the idea using what you have and making sure you really like something before you invest too much money and upgrade supplies. So make sure you don't have things you can use to get you started before you get shopping.

Do we need to be able to draw first?

Not at all. I will be giving you a few lessons to get you started on your drawing journey, as well as a few tips and tricks to give you some confidence. The course is designed to be scaffold skills and break things down into manageable chunks so you can really get your skill on quickly and effectively.

Is the course only suitable for beginners?

The course is designed to be suitable for all skill levels. I am not teaching you anything that has never been seen before, but I am teaching you how I do it and what has worked for students in the past and in courses and classrooms that I have run in the real world, and at the end of the day we can all learn from each other no matter what our experience of skill level. There is also the social aspects too... Who doesn't want to hang out in a classroom with like minded souls... 

Do I have to be creative?

We are all creative even if you don't think you are, so put that sort of negative self talk aside right now and come and play with us. I can tell you that you will be creating some amazing work in no time.

What if I run out of time?

The course comes with lifetime access on this platform so you can dip in and out as you like. You can revisit lessons and videos, you can pop in and chat with new and old participants on the discussion boards and be part of the fun on your terms. It is self paced and is for you to fit into your lifestyle. This is no pressure learning here!

Will it all work on tablets and phones, and do I need high speed internet?

High speed internet would be an advantage as there are a lot of videos, but it has all been configured to work on your ipads and devices as well as on computers. 

Do I have to join in the groups?

If you would like to be part of the Facebook group, or pin to our class Pinterest board you will be welcomed with open arms. If you don't then we will still have arms open. The joy of all this is you get to do it your way. You might like to stalk the groups and read and get a bit of courage happening before you post, or you might dive in with both feet. It is all about you so you can do as you like and you can change your mind at any time and either jump in or out as suits you.

Can I share the content?

I hope you respect that this is a private course, that you and others have paid for so while I would encourage you to share your work in any and all forums that you like, but the work of others or specific content is not for general sharing sorry. I think that using your judgement is key about what you share and I certainly hope that you hashtag #deliciouspaint like crazy and are proud of your work and shout that to the hilltops, but content and techniques and process specific to the course aren't for sharing outside of the classroom. 

Can I change my mind?

I am sorry but once you sign up then refunds will not be given. If there are technical difficulties I will work with coursecraft to ensure these are sorted for you. 

 This Course doesn't quite suit what I was looking for are there other courses planned as well?

I am planning and filming two new classes at the moment and they will be rolled out over the coming months. Details on all of that can be found in my newsletter which goes out every now and again, and if you sign up for that over on my website you will be informed. There is also a classes tab on the website that will be updated regularly so check in and you might find something that is more suitable