Day of the Little Deads Art Journaling

Have you ever wanted to make your own art journal but weren't sure where to start? Or have you been journaling for a while and want some new tricks and ideas? Or do you just want to have a fun Halloween experience through art journaling?

This class is designed for both the novice and the experienced. We will learned splotchy background techniques, draw and paint our own whimsical skeletons, learn how to paint with charcoal and just have fun and celebrate El Día de los Muertos!!

There are ten full lessons plus a bonus lesson included in the class; over six hours of detail video instructions.

Come join me in this fun class and expand your art journaling experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How does registration work? Registration and payment is all done through Coursecraft. It’s simple to sign up and pay. Coursecraft uses Paypal for the class fees.

Are there set class times, or does each student watch the videos whenever it's personally convenient? All the lessons are available and ready to view. This will allow you to work at your own pace.

How long will I have access to the course material? The material will be available for at least through 2017 and probably longer.

How do we ask class questions? You can leave comments on the Lesson or you can participate in the Facebook page.

Can I contact you directly with class questions? I am always available for questions. Just email me at

Here's the original teaser video. Has a snippet of another page we do in the class.