Cultural Emergence taster course

Welcome to the Cultural Emergence taster course. In this offering you will gain an insight into the Cultural Emergence toolkit. I have been developing the Cultural Emergence toolkit over the last 3 years and it's exciting to share it now with a much bigger global audience. During this course I will be explaining the foundational understandings that have led to the development and focus of the toolkit. You will also learn some simple and effective tools that you can use immediately in your life to invite in positive cultural shifts to enhance your well-being and effectiveness.

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Looby Macnamara

Discover the Cultural Emergence toolkit

Humanity is presently in a crisis of disconnection and a time of mass cultural emergency; we see the personal, social, political and environmental problems as stemming from a lack of cultural understanding and cohesion. We believe there are tools that can help turn this around into mass Cultural Emergence; where abundance, gratitude, care and connection are part of our everyday culture. Cultural Emergence is a toolkit for expanding our positive impact in the world. Cultural Emergence uses conscious design and action to help us manifest our ideal scene, for ourselves and the world. The toolkit is designed to support us to be proactive and facilitate visionary responses to our global crises, starting with our own personal lives. 

Cultural Emergence is a message of hope and tools for empowerment.

The toolkit is an evolution of my pioneering work with People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently. It has emerged over the last 5 years through the collaboration, distillation and synthesis of my revolutionary work in the arenas of personal and social permaculture and Jon Young's inspirational expertise in deep nature connection and village building. We have been collaborating with other visionaries and leaders around the world to bring together the most profoundly effective toolkit. 

Cultural Emergence book is available now. You can order signed copies of all 4 of my books directly from me - either with the add-ons or through my website.

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I'm pleased to be able to make this taster course accessible to people around the globe. I am happy for people to sign up for free, or you can choose to contribute to the ongoing development and sharing of the Cultural Emergence toolkit.

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Table of Contents

Cultural Emergence taster course lessons
Introducing the Cultural Emergence toolkit
Premises of Cultural Emergence
Simple and effective Cultural Emergence tools

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Thank you for your interest in Cultural Emergence and the ongoing quest to bring us into humanitary and planetary alignment.

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