Do you have so many arts and crafts supplies that you can barely make the space to create when you feel inspired?  Do you ever feel like you spend more time shopping for art supplies than you do actually using them? Do you have so many supplies that you find yourself forgetting what you have and where you put it? Have you ever spent your time searching for a supply that you just know you have *somewhere* and run out of creative steam by the time you found it? Have you ever accidentally purchased the same supplies twice?  Do you make a beeline for the clearance aisle whenever you walk into a craft store?  Do you have more art supplies than you might ever realistically use?

If so, you need the 30 Day Craft Cleanse. Join us and take the pledge to stop shopping for the next 30 days and spend the time making lots of art, using what you already have on hand, and organizing your craft collection. Art isn’t about the stuff; it’s about the creative process. Let’s see just how true that is during our 30 Day Craft Cleanse.

The challenge: Make a vow to nix craft spending for the next 30 days. No more clearance aisles. No more 40% off coupons. No quick runs to the craft store for just one thing that ends with you leaving with an empty wallet and a bag full of crafty dreams. For 30 days, instead of buying supplies, make a pledge to start using those supplies you already have collecting dust in the studio. We'll catalogue and organize the supplies already in our possession and purge the supplies we'll never use.

So why not try it? You’ll be in good company here. This is a safe place. And if you fail? So what? Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, put away your credit card, and try not to do it again for the rest of the 30 days. Your wallet will thank you.

So what do you need for this class?  You need no experience and, really, no supplies: use what you already have around the house, whether that's crayons and scrap paper or the latest and greatest fancy art supplies.  You might want: a notebook dedicated to cataloging your supplies & a pen. Nothing fancy required.

You can sign up and start anytime.  You can go through the content at your own pace once you are ready to start. There are 15 lessons & 16 discussions, plus a resource section.  Most of the lessons are text based, meaning you don't have to watch a video to get the information; some include video tutorials. All of the content is already uploaded and waiting for you.

This class is not exactly an art class, meaning that it's not based on teaching techniques (though there are some techniques covered); instead, this class is designed to spark your imagination and inspire you in all of your creative pursuits. Each lesson includes prompts specifically designed for art journals but certainly could be applied to other media.

NOTE: This course originally ran as a free class at in 2011.  This 2015 has been completely revamped and updated with new content and resources.  You can still join the original free class but the updated content will only be available here.

If I took the original free class, why should I pay to join this one?

This 2015 version is completely revamped, with updated information and even more resources than the original version. This class will includes photos, videos, and content not available in the original version. This new class also includes a downloadable PDF file with all of the content so that you can read it off-line at your convenience. By purchasing this class, you will receive exclusive discount codes for new classes that will only be available here.

The new and updated lessons will be emailed to you every other day once you sign up, which will provide added inspiration for you to continue with the 30 Day Challenge. All of the content is already finished and uploaded into the system here, ready to be sent to you every other day. You can start the course at any time and progress at your own pace. The content will be available indefinitely online, but you can also download the PDF to keep on your own computer.