Resiliency Resources for Adults Working With Children

Welcome.  If you have landed here I am assuming you are in need.  Need for resources for how to deal with the emotional processing of your children's life.  Whether you are a teacher, caregiver, parent, grandparent, aunt, foster parent, you are the one that these children look up to in a time of fear... for safety.  This can be exceptionally difficult when we, ourselves, don't have control over our own fear regarding a world wide crisis.  We've never had to do this before.  That's why it's going to take all of us to work together.  

The resources here are compiled from my research, teachings and learning.  I have created some but absolutely not all of them in any means.  They are free to copy and distribute without sale.   There are articles, worksheets, links to videos and the web and  book lists.   I have also included some expressive art activities that can be used to reduce anxiety, fear and to help focus on the positive.  Remember to breathe.  Talk to each other.  And be present.   Physically distant, but emotionally close. 

If you'd like to explore Trauma Informed Mindfulness Based practices for yourself and your classroom, that include yoga breaks, mindfulness instruction, mindful art practices, and specific information and suggestions on dealing with certain behavior issues as well as classroom management and setting up a trauma sensitive classroom, take a look at our Trauma Informed Mindfulness Based Certified Educator program.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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