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Custom Branding

Brand your course and look super professional.

When you go to your creator profile settings you'll see the option for custom branding. Enabling custom branding allows you to brand your e-courses with your own logo and colour scheme. You'll need to subscribed to a plan in order to use this feature.

Why should I use custom branding?

Adding your own logo and colour scheme to your course makes for a seamless transition from your blog to your e-course. Participants will recognize the course as yours and it will look more professional and polished.

Custom Branding Options

Once you turn on custom branding you'll see that you have a few things to customize. You may need to play around with these options for a bit until you get everything just right. It might take some time, but it's worth it! Your course will look amazing.


The logo that you add here will replace the CourseCraft logo on all of your course and lesson pages

If you don't have a logo, you can use our logo creation tool!


The primary colour is used for buttons and the secondary colour is used for all links. This includes any links you write in your lessons. It's also used in other small interface elements such as the price of your course on the landing page.


The font can really set the tone for your course. Choose a font here that best works with your course.

Profile URL

You'll definitely want to customize your profile URL too!

How it Works

There are few extra things you should know about custom branding. Enabling custom branding does not mean that the entire site is branding with your colours and logo. Only pages directly related to your course will get branded.

What pages change with custom branding?

  • Your public profile
  • The landing page for your courses (where participants enroll)
  • The pages in the enrollment process
  • Course pages
  • Lesson pages
  • Emails
  • Website integration embed code

What pages don't change with custom branding?

  • The profile options page
  • The dashboard
  • Help documents, privacy pages, terms & conditions, the blog, etc...

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