How to Create an Online Course | CourseCraft 101

All About CourseCraft

What, why and how? Plus, see the enrollment process.

First of all, thanks for checking out this course! My name's Sara and I'm the co-founder of CourseCraft. I created this course so I could teach you how to use CourseCraft and show you how flexible and powerful a tool it can be. Hopefully, you'll see how fun this can be and create your own course. Over the next several lessons I'll show you all of CourseCraft's features in depth. If you follow the course to the end, you'll have all the skills you need to create your own course.

Welcome to CourseCraft 101

I wanted to begin with a broad overview of what CourseCraft can do. That way you'll know right away if this is the site for you. 

What is CourseCraft?

CourseCraft is an easy to use tool for people who want to create and sell their own e-course. This means that we provide all the things you need to put together a professional and polished course so you have time to focus on the content. We host all of your course content for you and handle the transactions so you never have to worry about technical issues again.

Why should I use CourseCraft?

If you've been shopping around e-course platforms, you might have realized that some of them are really complicated. I won't name names, but some of them even want you to take a seminar on how to use their software! We believe that making an e-course should be easy and fun. You bring your expertise and we do the rest. We think you'll find CourseCraft easy to use and that will give you the time and energy to focus on making a great course.

How much does this cost?

See our pricing help doc here. We have a plan for every budget and need.

Course Basics

Now that we've covered some of that, let's take a look at what a course looks like. You're on a lesson page right now. If you scroll to the top, you'll see the cover photo of the course, the lesson title and a button to take you back to the lesson list. If you scroll to the very bottom you'll see a button to take you to the next lesson, a comment box and below that you'll find my contact information. All of those things will be on your lesson page too. The content in the middle here (the text, images and videos) are what I created using the lesson editor.

The Enrollment Process

There's one little thing that's different about this course though. You may have noticed that you didn't have to sign up for it. Normally when someone clicks the 'enroll' button for your course they'll be prompted to create a CourseCraft account and pay if the course isn't free. I've made a little video of the enrollment process so you can see what your participants will see.

Once the enrollment process is complete, we'll send a couple emails out. First, the new participant gets an email welcoming them to the course. It includes the course creator's contact information and a link to the course so they can find it again easily. If you have custom branding enabled, this email will be branded with your colours and the CourseCraft logo at the top will be replaced by your logo like the example below.

The course creator will also receive an email when a new participant enrolls. It will tell you the participant's name and email address and give you a link to the 'stats' page where you'll always be able to find information on all your participants.

How Lessons are Published

The date your lessons get published depends entirely on your publish settings. We'll cover more of that in a later lesson, but basically a lesson can be a draft (unpublished), published, or set to be published on a certain date or interval. If you publish all of your lessons immediately, your participants will be able to access all of the content right away. But if you choose to 'drip feed' your lessons, they'll be published on the date you chose.

Your participants will get an email when there is a new lesson available to them. If you publish your lessons manually or on a specific date, then all of your participants will get an email. If you "drip feed" your lessons by releasing them a certain number of days after enrollment, we'll only notify the participants who should have access. (We'll talk about the different ways to publish a lesson later.)

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