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What Now?

Managing your course and checkin' those stats.

Now that you've finished creating your amazing course and started promoting it, you might be thinking that you just have to sit back and watch the enrollments come in. But that's only partially true! I wanted to quickly cover just a few more topics that can help you manage your course when it's up and running.

The Stats Page

Checking out the stats page is a great way to see how people are responding to your course. It's also fun to see how many sign-ups you've had and how much money you're making! Dollar signs are always encouraging!

The top graph shows you Views & Enrollments, Sales, and Participant Activity. Just click on each title to see the graph change.

Views & Enrollments

Your views (landing page views) are always going to be higher than your enrollments. It just makes sense that not everybody who checks out your course will sign up. If your views are really, really high and still it seems like nobody is signing up for your course, your landing page might be lacking.


The Sales graph is pretty self-explanatory; it shows you how much money you're making over time. If your sales are way down since launching your course, maybe it's time to blog about it again or start a new promotion.

Participant Activity

This is a great way to track how engaged your participants are. For example, if you're running a 6 week course and you see activity drop after the third week, people are getting bored! If you see that your participant activity is steady, then you're definitely doing something right. 

The Lesson Stats bar graph is probably my favourite part of the stats page. You can find out so much about how people are moving through your course. If you look at my example up there, you can see views drop off quite a bit after the "Where to Spend Money & When" lesson. This could be because people are losing interest, or it could just mean that most people haven't made it that far into the course yet. I can also see that my participants have a lot to say about the "Details Matter" lesson. A lot of comments can definitely be a good thing. If a particular lesson is sparking a lot of conversation, it means people are really engaged. Check out the comments though, if there are a lot of questions asking you to clarify something then you might need to add more info to that lesson.

No doubt reading stats is a bit tricky. You see the numbers but sometimes it's hard to figure out why something is happening. With just a bit of detective work you can learn a lot about how your course is being received.

The last part of the stats page is the participant's list. This is just a list of all the people who have signed up for your course. You'll see their name, email address, what they paid, if they used a promo code, the date they enrolled, and the date they were last seen. There is also an 'export' button. This is will export your list of participants as a .csv file.

Thanks and Best of Luck!

If you made it through this entire course, you are armed with all the knowledge you need to go ahead make your own awesome e-course! Thank you so much for sticking with me, you just took in a ton of new information and that's really hard. So definitely feel free to bookmark this course come back to it any time you need. If you're still left with questions, you can either leave a comment on any of the lessons or email me at:

Thanks again for participating and good luck with your courses!!!

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