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The Landing Page

Set up your landing page and sell your course.

Now we've come to one of the most important pieces of your course. It goes without saying that you're going to put a lot of effort into your course material and the lessons themselves. You'll fill your course with great information, tons of images and other media. But nobody is going to see all your hard work if they never get past your landing page. The landing page is the place where you can convince people that your course is amazing and they should enroll.

Your landing page will usually start out with a few paragraphs explaining what is covered in your course and introducing yourself. Don't be afraid to get creative here and add images or videos. Try your best to be positive but upfront about what the course is all about. You're not trying to trick people into signing up, but you do want to get them excited.

In the previous lesson, I talked about the different kind of sections you can add to your lessons, but if you go to your landing page you'll see a few more sections. I'll talk about what each of these new sections are in detail and then tell you more about your landing page.


An FAQ section is your chance to answer any questions about your course or yourself that people might have. Before anyone signs up for an e-course, they always have a ton of questions and it's your job to answer them. If you don't, they will most likely leave! Questions can range from "What materials do I need?" to "Why are you an expert?" to "Do I need to be 'in class' at a specific time?". Have your friends and family read over your course description and see if they have any unanswered questions at the end.


Nothing can sell your course like past students singing your praises. Prospective students want to be assured they won't regret this purchase. Don't worry if you don't have any testimonials right away, you can always add them later after you've had a few students! 

Table of Contents

Adding a table of contents is something that may or may not work for your type of course. If you'd like to give people a preview of your lessons (just the title) then adding a table of contents section is a super easy way to do that. You can choose to show unpublished (draft) lessons, or not, in addition to any published lessons. If you drip feed or schedule your lessons you probably want to show them.

Signup Button

Signup buttons on your landing page do double duty. Before your course is open they can be used to capture leads. After your course is open they switch to being enrollment buttons. It all happens automatically so you don't have to re-work your landing page much after your course opens. Promotion doesn't have to start when your course opens, you can start anytime! Set up your landing page to tell people about your course and ask them to enter their email address to get notified when it starts. This is also great for courses that open on a specific date. You can build a list of people who have shown interest in your course, then send an email (and maybe a special promo code) when your course opens!

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