How to Create an Online Course | CourseCraft 101

Using the Lesson Editor

The part where you start adding content!

Adding Content (The Fun Part!)

You can add 10 different kinds of sections to your lessons: text, heading, image, columns, video, download, audio, html/embed, form, and upsell. Add as many sections as you need and use only the types that suit your needs.


You'll probably use this type of section a lot. Write your text here, make it bold, italic, add headings, links and quotes. Basically, everything you're used to finding in a regular text editor. For best results with the formatting, don't copy and paste from another program such as Word. If you want to write your content elsewhere and paste it into CourseCraft, be sure that it's in plain text format.


Great for breaking up text and making things easier to read. The heading will be underlined in your brand colour if you have custom branding enabled.


Images are a huge part of an online course. Adding visual interest will keep people interested in what you have to say and help illustrate your points. Valid image types are jpg, png and gif.


A columns section is 2 side-by-side columns of text and images. It's a really versatile way to display your content. Since it can be used in so many ways, we put together a little video to show you some examples.


Videos can also be a really great addition to an online course, although totally not required if you ask me. It's a great way to demostrate something complicated or show something techinical. Pretty much any format of video will work since we do some encoding on our end, but m4v and mp4 work best. Try to make your videos as 'web-friendly' as you can by keeping the file size down (the maximum upload size is 1.25GB which is a very large video for an online course). The larger the video the longer it will take to upload (sometimes hours and hours) and could get interrupted if you don't have reliable internet.

Downloadable File

Add a 'downloadable' section and you can add almost any kind of file for your participants to download. Create a worksheet, templates, or patterns and your participants just need to click a little download button. Almost any kind of file will work but a PDF is good because it can be easily opened, viewed and printed if needed.


Adding an audio file could be a cool thing for a course on music or speaking. Valid file formats are mp3 and m4a. Consider adding your audio file as a 'downloadable' too so your participants can listen to it on-the-go.


Add your own html here or paste an embed code from another site.


Add a form to create a custom quiz or survey. You can add multiple choice and short answer questions. You can also ask your participants to upload a file, like an assignment.


Use an upsell section to sell other products within your course. You'll need to create an add-on first, then you can choose which ones you'd like to sell in your lesson by checking them off.

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