How to Create an Online Course | CourseCraft 101

Your First Course

It's easy! Set up the basic stuff for your first course.

The First Steps

On your dashboard, go ahead and click the big "Create New Course" button. It seems scary, but you'll see it's really easy to get going. 

You'll be prompted to make a title and add a cover photo. The cover photo is used in a bunch of different places like the checkout process and your profile (which we talked about in the previous lesson). Don't worry, you can change the title, the cover photo and really anything else at any time. So don't worry if it's not perfect yet.

Hooray! You've just made your first course! See how easy that was? 

1. Title

Like I said before, don't stress too much about the title until you're further along writing your course material. A good title will come to you. The best titles are short and easy to remember and make people want to know more. You don't need to describe your whole course in the title.

2. Short Description

Just a couple sentences about your course. We use this in a few places like on your profile.

3. Enrollment

The enrollment toggle is set to 'closed' by default since we don't want people to enroll in a half-finished course. Once you're ready to accept participants, you can switch this to 'open'.

5. Cover Photo

A good cover photo should be eye-catching and simple. You can use a high quality photo as the background and put text over it, use an illustration or just some easy-to-read lettering. Consider putting a little tag line here like my "an e-course for bloggers" that helps explain the course better or maybe the start date if your course has a starting date. Be creative and play around with it.

So now that we've set up the basics of our course, we can move on to the course content. The next lesson covers how to add lessons.

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