Content Kin Summer School 2015


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Welcome beautiful kin! We're so glad to have you here. Won't you please join us?

Inspired. Organised. Energised. 

If that's how you'd like to feel about your approach to social media and digital marketing this year, join us for this six week ecourse focussed on content marketing and social media for business. 

Enrolments now open
First packet released Friday 13 November 2015
(classroom open until mid February 2016)

We take the overwhelm out of promoting yourself online and help you approach your online marketing with authenticity, purpose and a plan. This course isn't about turning you into someone you're not, but rather celebrating who you are and building and connecting with clients who appreciate you for who you are.


We held a live webinar to answer all the buring questions our kin had about our methodology and how the eCourse works. We talk through all the content we will cover, and answer questions live about the eCourse. To watch a replay of that webinar CLICK HERE.


Our core philosophy for this course is built around these three words:

Courage. Content. Clicks.

Courage to to find your voice, back yourself and build a brand that is true to you and your values. Turn up the volume on your beliefs and purpose, and strengthen that courage muscle to create a business with intent and impact.

Create content that connects with people who believe what you believe and moves them to act. Don't waste time producing content just for the sake of it. Use what you know to your best advantage and serve your clients in a way that is meaningful to you and them.

Earn clicks from the right people, at the right time for the right reasons. Ultimately you want to grow your business right? Create systems and processes for giving people a reason to connect with you and convert to clients.


We've run this course more than a dozen times with hundreds of face-to-face participants across Australia. We know first hand what business owners, creative entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, content creators, agency account managers and social media community growers need and want. 

The big things are: overcoming overwhelm, getting clear about messaging and markets, crafting great content, gaining and keeping momentum, achieving real business outcomes, and doing it all with purpose and passion. Sounds like you right?

Now, we're bringing the best things we've taught (and learned!) to the rest of the world through our online course.


We've designed this course into bite sized packets that you can dip in and out of. We'll walk you through our stepped process to build your content marketing plan over the weeks, so you come out the other side having a strategy, an actionable plan and have practiced doing the do. 

The course is filled with education, inspiration, ideas, examples, videos, templates and exercises to supercharge your digital content.

Course outline:

Packet 1: Content is the new black
  • Discover where your digital kin are hanging out and what they're doing online
  • Explore Australian and International demographics usage statistics 
  • Determine which marketing activities and social platforms are best for you and your business
  • What is content marketing and why it's the new black
Packet 2: The Heart of matters
  • Define your 'why' and how it relates to your brand and marketing
  • Understand the neurobiology of behaviour, including your own
  • Describe your buyer personas and your business persona
Packet 3: Content your kin crave
  • Identifying your content themes
  • Explore content types and content people crave
  • Content audit and ideation
  • Why blogging is important for your biz

Catch up week. Take a breather.
Life can get in the way sometimes. So this is your week to either take time out to catchup on the previous weeks, simply just take a break.

Packet 4: Plan the work, work the plan
  • Write your content marketing mission
  • Content calendar planning & posting schedule
  • Content creation checklist & productivity hacks
  • Responsibilities matrix
  • Campaign checklist
Packet 5: Doing the do
  • Creating content
  • Great content types & examples
  • Blogging checklist

Packet 6: Look, learn, tweak repeat

  • Managing social
  • Tips for monitoring
  • Best of breed tools
  • Know your best content through measurement
  • Reporting and dashboards

Each week will provide you with another piece of the puzzle that will all come together to form your content marketing strategy.

Come and join a group of creative curious wholehearted types as you work through weeks of inspiration, learning and planning. We'll even get you mind mapping throughout the process.

Throughout the class you'll be connected to our private Facebook Group where you'll we invite you to keep up the learning with us and your class mates. After the class finishes, the learning continues with weekly challenges and guidance to ensure you put everything into practice after the course.


Take your seat in our virtual classroom full of curious, creative, wholehearted entrepreneurial types just like you. To get an idea of how we like to do things, take a peek at our real life workshop.


We've delivered this workshop to over one hundred students in intimate group settings across Australia. Now we're inviting you, where ever you are to join us. Here's what other kin have said about working with us.

  • From my initial contact with Kylie Lewis about her Social Media workshop, to attending on the day, I found her energy and enthusiasm for social media and community absolutely infectious. Both Kylie and Belinda shared such valuable advice from their gathered experience, and their skills and knowledge were presented in a fun and thought provoking manner. I would love to attend any of their additional workshops in the future and can’t wait to get to work on Monday to put everything I learnt to use!

    — Georgy Bromley Marketing Co-ordinator, Armadilo & Co
  • A wealth of information was shared with both Kylie and Bin just so inspiring and having a natural knack for really challenging your current ideas and beliefs, whilst providing a big dose of inspiration to make you feel very empowered to walk away and start creating and curating awesome content for your business that is relevant and that your customers can relate too!

    — Courtney Hodges Owner, Happy Home Traders
  • My favourite quote of the day ‘be brave enough to be human’.

    — Emily Swift, Corporate Marketing Manager, Essential Energy
  • Fabulous, eye opening, courage boosting, motivational and awesomeness! Regardless of your level of experience in business or marketing, this workshop is invaluable!

    — Mary Bills Design and Creative Fairygodmother for South Australia, Amuse Creative
  • I loved thinking about the ‘why’ – it was a great opportunity to dig deep to explore the reasons behind why we do what we do – and how that underpins what should/can share with our online community.

    — Tara Donnelly, Investor Communications Manager, The Hunger Project
  • Kylie & Bin know their stuff! I found #contentkin to get my scattered personal and business social media site on the road to an orderly, planned and sustainable part of my life.

    — Shelley Collins, Owner & Creative Director, The Galerie Fitzroy
  • Kylie and Bin take the over-whelmingness of social media and the expectations that go with it, to a place where it could be broken down into simple, step by step concepts.

    — Claire Cau-Cecile, Founder Life Instyle & Interior Stylist
  • Thank you. SOOOO much to take away and review, plan and do! It’s just what I needed to get my new business out there in the social media world.

    — Julie O’Shea, Owner, Colour Me Happy
  • Great workshop, always love to learn and improve. Social media and content marketing demystified! I’ve come away with a head full of ideas and action plan.

    — Jane Phillips Owner, Jane Maria Phillips
  • Thanks so very much for offering such an awesome social media e-course – it has been the best, and most useful e-course, I’ve ever done!

    — Lisa Scott, Red Hen Writing


Binny on the left in white. 
Marketing maven. Recipe tweaker. Crafter extraordinaire. African dancer.

Binny has more than 17 years experience with some of Australia’s best known brands including RACV, NRMA,, and She has a deep understanding of the needs of small businesses from over 5 years management of Yellow Pages digital product innovation.

Binny's held many senior roles in sales, product management, digital marketing, strategy and innovation – In her previous life in the corporate world. And she must thank that previous life, it armed her with all the knowledge she has today. Lessons you can’t learn at uni, or doing a short course. And many of those lessons were about life, people, motivation, talents and attitudes. One of the biggest lessons she walked away with was making sure you have your priorities right, and knowing why you do what you do (and how to avoid burn-out!).

With a Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Binny is passionate about start-up's and small businesses acting as a business catalyst to help them through the different stages of their growth and expansion. From idea development and screening through to product development and ideal business model selection.

Binny is always looking forward, after completing graduate studies in strategic foresight she has honed her skills in seeing trends and patterns in human behaviour and what that means for businesses.

Binny believes that those who know their best selves will contribute to a better world and humanity. That you need to honour your limits, rather than act like they don’t exist. And that it’s never too late to try something new.

Kylie on the right in black. 
Content Creator. Stationery addict. Green smoothie drinker. Footwear fiend.

Having worked across five tech startups, headed digital teams and agencies, and completed training as an internationally accredited executive and wellness coach, Kylie founded Of Kincollective of passionate business catalysts and creative digital strategists. 

Combining her forever curious mind, with over 17 years of experience in online sales, web project management, digital and content marketing for leading Australian brands under her belt, she now coaches creative, wholehearted entrepreneurial businesses interested in starting, evolving or organising their approach to work and life in empowering, outcome focussed, practical ways. 

She doesn't believe in the hustle or grind, but does believe in challenging yourself to be more courageous in working and living with authenticity and self care. 

She co-authored Add All To Cart: 1003 questions to ask when building an ecommerce store, is regular blogger and speaker for Life Instyle, founder of The Leap Stories and lover of a good chai and raw chocolate. When she's not in front of a screen, you might also find her teaching fitness classes for pregnant and postnatal women.

Having a degrees in psychology, sociology, ebusiness and communication, one of her strengths is a love of learning. Creating powerful and provocative content that moves people to think more deeply about their lives is her why.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn, grown, get clear, get calm and get organised to take on your digital marketing.

Join us. Registrations now open. First class opens Friday 13 November 2015.

What if I fall behind?

Don't worry, we know what that feels like! The course will stay open for a few weeks after the lessons finish, so you'll have a chance to catchup.

We've also built in a catchup week mid way throughout the course to help you stay in control of your progress.

But we firmly believe that there's nothing like a deadline to keep you focussed!

Do I need to be a business owner?

No! This course is suited for both business owners and employees alike. We've had solo entrepreneurs and marketing staff from global businesses both do our workshop. At the end of the day what matters most is your curious, resourceful mind and approach to learning and growing.

How much time should I allow each week?

We encourage you to allow 1 - 2 hours per week to get through the lesson and then do the activities. Each lesson builds upon another, so you by the end of the course you'll have yourself a digital marketing strategy that you've created over time. Classes will be released on Fridays so you'll have the weekend to get stuck into them.