Scripture Confident through the Bible - Modules 1 & 2

If you want to see your faith mature, you have to study the Bible. That much is clear.

But what if this cause-and-effect relationship is not a reality in your life? What if you are reading the Bible, listening to sermons, and jumping from one study guide to the next without seeing significant benefit? What if you still don’t feel closer to God, comfortable studying the Bible on your own, or finding answers in Scripture?

Before you throw in the towel and grab another 5-minute devotional book, give independent Bible study another try. 

The Scripture Confident through the Bible course was designed for you. 

Study your way through the Bible on hand-picked passages while learning inductive Bible study methods - that’s the "Observation, Interpretation, and Application" approach to Bible study. Dig deep into selected Bible passages with growing independence and end up with a full overview of the Bible’s storyline.

Students of the Scripture Confident through the Bible course report…

  • Growing confidence in their ability to study Scripture on their own.
  • Discovering new Bible stories and seeing familiar ones in a new light.
  • Meaningful time in God’s Word that goes beyond routine and encourages life change.

So, join the other women who are already on their way to studying Scripture systematically, confidently, and meaningfully.

Dry Bible studies and spoon-fed Bible-truth are a thing of the past… Get ready to dig in, learn lots, and change the way you approach Scripture forever.

This is your path to independent Bible study:

Build a framework for studying the Bible well: 

- Don’t worry; I break everything down into small steps and provide lots of help, so you’ll be able to follow along without a problem. 

- In each lesson, you will learn a new Bible study method that builds on the previous one.

- You will study the Bible with the reliable "Observation, Interpretation, Application" Bible study method that even pastors and scholars use. 

Dig into Scripture as you practice:

- Each lesson includes a printable Bible study guide. These start out very guided - just like most Bible study guides you’ve used.

- Then, I slowly step back and let you take over the study process. You'll be more than equipped to do so.

- Discussion questions and other resources allow you to explore this course with a study group. Hardcopies are available during checkout or inside the course.

Track the Bible's storyline, so you’ll truly be able to study the Bible in context:

- You won’t read the Bible cover to cover. Instead, you will dig deep into hand-picked passages that will give you a full view of the Bible’s storyline. 

- Summary videos and historical timelines will ensure that you continue to see the big picture.

- Knowing God's journey with His people will allow you to understand every Bible passage more clearly.

Two Buying Options

You will have lifetime access to this course, so complete it at your own pace

I recommend a few different study-pace options inside the course, so groups can study alongside each other. For example: Commit 15-20 minutes a day to studying Scripture and complete this course in one year. 

Just think: Next year’s YOU is running to Scripture with skill and confidence.

Are you ready to sign up for a year’s worth of Bible study skills and study guides? Or do you wish I wasn’t asking you for such a long-term commitment? The choice is yours:

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What you will learn in each module:

I will take you by the hand through Module 1, then slowly teach you how to study the Bible with a little more independence in Module 2.

- Begin your journey through Scripture from Genesis to Samuel.

- Build a consistent and prayerful Bible study habit, then unpack the "Observation" Bible study step. 

- Grow your faith as you learn from key Old Testament characters.

In Modules 3 & 4, you will begin to study Scripture with a growing set of questions. No worries, I always provide study hints - until it's your turn to practice on your own.

- Continue your journey through the Bible from Samuel to the end of the Old Testament.

- Now that you are making excellent observations, learn the "Interpretation and Application" steps of Bible study.

- After these modules, you'll be equipped to study any narrative passage of the Bible.

In Module 5, you will continue to study within the structure set up in Modules 1-4. 

- Journey through the life of Christ with a taste of all four gospels.

- Learn advanced interpretation skills to correctly interpret the many parables and analogies we find in the gospels.

- Detect ministry principles in the life of Christ and formulate theological views based on Scripture.

By Module 6, your Scripture confidence will be through the roof! 

- Finish the Bible's storyline with the book of Acts (and glimpses of the remainder of the New Testament).

- Allow Scripture to speak into every area of your life with these advanced application skills.

- Explore Bible memorization and epistle study tips.

- Study the Bible with a strong foundation forevermore!!

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Already know you will want the full course and save? Purchase the full bundle now for $59.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this course different from any old Bible study guide?

You know that old saying, "Teach a man to fish..."? That's exactly my philosophy. Other Bible studies may guide you through a topic or book, but in this course, you'll learn everything you need to take over the process of studying the Bible. After finishing this course, you will not only understand the complete story of the Bible and have learned tons about God, faith, and redemption, but you will also be able to take any passage of the Bible and study it well. You will make textual observations, independent interpretations, utilize available scholarly resources, and apply what you've read with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Will I receive a book?

No. All necessary materials (including lesson texts, Bible study guides, discussion questions, and more) are available inside the course in the form of website text or downloadable pdf files.

Can I purchase a printed version of the study guides?

Printed course notes (including lesson texts, Bible study guides, discussion questions, and more) are available for purchase inside the course for $9 per module (set) - price includes shipping. Printed course notes will arrive shrink-wrapped and hole-punched, ready to assemble in your own binder. The printed course notes are currently only available for US customers, and purchasing them is completely optional. All necessary materials are available inside the course in the form of website text or downloadable pdf files.

During checkout, I am prompted to add the "Printed Course Notes". What are they?

The printed course notes are strictly for your convenience. All necessary lessons, Bible study guides, and timelines are included in the online course in the form of website text or downloadable pdf files. However, if you'd like to save time and money, purchase the "Printed Course Notes" add-on. No need to download and print every pdf - about 75 pages of material in Modules 1&2. You'll receive all of the printed notes in the mail with a beautiful cover page and module dividers. Still not sure if you want it? You can always purchase this add-on at a later time. NOTE: The "Printed Course Notes" are currently only available for customers with US addresses.

What can I expect from the course platform?

When you enroll and pay for this course, you will also set up an account with CourseCraft. You will be able to log in right away and view the course. You will also receive an email from CourseCraft with your log-in information so you can easily save it. Once logged in, you will be able to access all this course has to offer. Each lesson page has videos, lesson text, images, and downloadable pdf files. An "introduction" lesson will provide more information about how to make the most of this course. Note: If you purchase the full course, each module (set) will appear as its own 'course', purchased in a 'course bundle'. Setting up Modules 1 & 2, Modules 3 & 4, Module 5, and Module 6 as 'individual courses' allows me to offer you the option of purchasing them one at a time without the long-term commitment.

What if I am just not sure this course is for me?

If you are just not sure the full course experience is for you, start with Modules 1 & 2 only. From inside the course, you will then be able to purchase the remaining modules when you are ready. When purchased separately, the four module (sets) - Modules 1 & 2, Modules 3 & 4, Module 5, and Module 6 - cost $19 each.

Can I return the course for a refund?

Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds at this time. This is a digital product with over 400 pages of downloadable Bible study guides and other resources, and I am unable to track if they have been downloaded prior to the refund request. If you are not sure you will like this learning experience, start out with Modules 1 & 2 for just $19. I bet you'll love all this course has to offer.

I still have a question. How can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at