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The Confidence Course for College is an 8-hour online course that walks parents and counselors through the college application process with the help of some of the leading college planning experts in the industry.  Here's a sneak peak at your Confidence Course for College team of experts:

Dr. Steven Antonoff - nationally recognized educational consultant and popular speaker, trainer, and workshop leader. Author of the highly acclaimed college search book, The College Finder. Dr. Antonoff has visited just about every university and college around and offers extensive knowledge about admissions practices and nuances of each campus. 

Ethan Sawyer - Also known as the College Essay Guy, Ethan is a personal statement wizard who turns essays into gold!  Ethan has helped hundreds of students secure admission to top universities and score full-tuition scholarships by submitting personal statements packed with power and authenticity. 

Lynn O’ Shaughnessy - A nationally recognized college planning expert, who has helped thousands of teenagers and their parents find colleges that are not only perfect fit schools but also affordable. As the college contributor for CBS Money Watch, Lynn has written on every topic from debunking the FAFSA myths to how to find colleges that meet 100% of financial need. She is also the author of The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price.

Wei Li Sun - also known as "Ask Ms. Sun" is a UC admissions expert who has been guiding students to the top UC's, such as UC Berkeley and UCLA, since 2006. Wei Li graduated from UC Berkeley, spent a year in a PhD program at UCLA, and completed a college counseling certificate program through UCSD Extension. Ask Ms. Sun is the leading resource for questions relating admissions, personal statement, transfer, appeals and so much more. 

Falone Serna - Serna came to Reed in 2013 as a senior associate dean and has been recruiting prospective students in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, and Oregon. He has worked in the admission field for 11 years.  Having reviewed 1,000's of applications and interacted with numerous prospective students, Falone offers his college application Do's and Don'ts that can make or break your application.

Tamika Lewis - Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and College Counselor of eight years, Tamika has helped hundreds of students overcome limiting beliefs about their ability to succeed in college and life beyond. With rates of anxiety and depression on the rise, it's critical that students cultivate a growth-based mindset that embraces challenge, self-awareness, and imperfection. 

Dan Nannini - Santa Monica Community College Transfer Director Dan Nannini has been guiding students through the transfer process for over 18 years. As President of the Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC), Dan has facilitated countless workshops and presentations on the CCC transfer process. In this video he's sharing best practices for ensuring transfer into some of the top colleges and universities.

Josefine Borrmann - CEO and founder of Strive to Learn first became a tutor as a way to put herself through college. What started as a necessity soon turned into a passion. Today, Josefine herself tutors over 15 subjects and incorporates the knowledge she has gained in her professional studies to create an inspiring and conducive learning environment.

                           *************Bonus Workshop*************

Huri Sanchez - Huri takes us behind the scenes of his first year as a Questbridge Scholar at Emory University. Questbridge offers full-tuition paid scholarships to the best and brightest students from low-income communities. As a first generation student, Huri offers insight on adjusting to life away from home, strategies for success with coursework, and how to maintain personal health and well-being.

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What Counselors and Parents are Saying

  • "I feel more prepared to help my son apply to colleges. I couldn't stop taking notes during the personal statement workshop. I'll be telling my friends to sign up."

    — Tremika Batiste, Parent
  • "Thank you for creating and compiling such a informative course. My son presently attends UC Berkeley and I have passed on the course details to him because there is so much valuable information he can still benefit from. Thank you! "

    — Luz Hammidi, Parent
  • "This course is the perfect tool and serves as a 'one stop shop' to help school counselors effectively assist students in the college planning, exploration and application process. The valuable information shared by the panel of college experts provided me with greater confidence as a counselor to work with my students throughout this process. The structure of the course is practical and convenient providing lots of flexibility to listen to each of the modules at any time. Hands down, the resources are the best! This course is designed with the school counselor in mind. Whether you are a new counselor or seasoned guidance or college counselor, this course is a 'must have' for your counseling department."

    — Candice Baker, High School Counselor