Collage Meditation Morning Practices

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I will be sharing this course right along side you all,  on  Lonecrow Collage Studio, Facebook private group.(You will have to be approve to get in) 

Let's do this together, I want to fill an art journal and this is best way to do it. 

If you want to start before me, you can but would be nice to prepare and have a start date right?  

Creating an art practice is something we all want to do when we become an artist. Well maybe not all but most interested creatives do.  

How does that practice start? 

What do you have to do to begin? 

Will I be able to keep it up? 

A good way I've experienced it, is to take class and commit yourself to it. Or if your the dedicated types, you can give yourself an assignment and stick with it. Though as we get older and are not in a school setting it's hard to stick to it, right?  Life and things sway us away.  Morning time is a great time to put into practice a little something to help you center, clear and start your day calmly with creative intentional prayers. 

We all aren't like that but we have hopes and dreams of doing something like it some days. Right? 

I started tons of sketchbooks in great hopes of completing the whole things and seeing sketch after sketch.   Though I draw and work with many other mediums, paper was something that I clung to the most. I would believe it was the sound of tearing paper and the cutting with scissor that held my connected the most.  Then gluing it down with a glue stick and having fingers sticking to everything...Oh I do love a good mess.  

I would like to share this practice with you and highlight some design aspects that when completed could spring into larger works away from the sketchbook. 

The practice of naming ones self in other ancient culture is normal. I think and secretly call myself a paper alchemist. Can you do that give yourself a name? Well, the love of paper has had me making my own from plants in my environment to dying with natural elements and digging out of my recycling bin to alter, sew, sand and work a variety of art material on the surface.  

But I have always used Magazines as a go to in my sketchbook and quick meditations like we will be doing here for the next couple of weeks together.

If your interested...please read the FAQ below for more information,  then register and we can start...

A new focus each week

Gray Scale, One Word, One Image, Gestural Lines and Shapes, ending with a Pocket Collage Mini Abstract Landscapes.

Looking closer

Magazines, Cut or Tear, Sand or Crinkle, Shapes and Gestural Energy Lines. 

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Table of Contents

Let's Get Started
Supplies Needed
Weekly Inspiration
Week 1-Gray Scale
Week 2-One Word
Week 3 One Image
Week 4 Gestural Lines and Shapes -Part 1
Week 4-Continues, Part 2
Week 5-Pocket Collage Mini Abstract Landscapes
Wrapping up the eCourse

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

As soon as I get all the video's and lesson up it will be for a very long time.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

How does this eCourse work?

You will sign up and received access to the course, work a week at a time and pace yourself as we are also learning about a new practice, one that involves our "Art Muscles"

What happens If I can't get in or on?

The thing to remember is you have to login. So always go to after you are registered and login...then you should be brought to Course site I created and your classes that you are register to.

Once Registered what happens?

You save all your information to get back onto Course Craft site and connect to the links. Hit the buttons for each weeks class, watch videos and download pdf lessons...and you can do this in your PJ's...isn't that great.

Do you get to Share what you've done? Very Important to share!

Yes, I encourage you to share what you have done in your sketchbooks with your daily collage meditations. I have a Facebook private group Go to this link above and seek to be approved. I'll be checking to see you there with all other creative soul that have taken a few of my eCourses. If you are not on Facebook you can share in the comments of each weeks lesson here in Coursecraft.

Critiques of your work

When working with my students in a class setting I like to work with them and come around see what their doing, but I don't do a formal critique. I personal believe in practice, staying open to taking risks and trusting in my own personal judgement. This seems to circle back around to practice, doing the work, making it smaller or larger to working in a series. This is process work and process work isn't to be critiqued, I feel, though I may ask question of you to look at something and make your own choice about it.

This is a non interactive eCourse

What that means is... you do the work and you can post it on the Facebook private group and we all get to see it and share. I will not be doing any instruction on the Facebook Private Group, I will stop in from time to time to check on all the great collage meditations going on and may even share a few of mine.

Where can you share photos of your Collage Mediations

You can of course share in the Private Facebook Group, or at the end of each weekly lesson you can up load an image of your work on this site. You will have to come to the site here to see them. So if you enrolled in this course check back on each lesson to see what everyone is creating.