Chakra Tree Of Life Intuitive Art e-Course

At a time when most of the world is feeling extremely vulnerable and uneasy I think this course will help bring balance and quiet into your lives.
Being creative and connecting back to your higher self through chakra work is extremely healing and uplifting. 
Painting is like a form of meditation and when we lose ourselves into the process it will help shut out all the "Noise" we are hearing at the moment which may have us feeling fear and anxiety. 
I hope this course helps fill your days with creativity and quiet.

The Chakra Tree of Life E-Course was originally run over 5 weeks. I am now about to offer it as a self paced course. Students will have private access to the classroom using a password. Each session will have videos and content to guide the students along the way. 

A PDF of the whole course content is available to download.

The Meditation MP3 will be downloadable. I will be demonstrating the chakra techniques on a large canvas. Students can follow along as each layer unfolds. There will be a Private Facebook Group called
“Tree of Life” where students can share and support each other through the whole “chakra” experience. This is where you can ask me questions as well. I do plan to offer some "Live" interaction in this group which
will be fun!

A Materials list will be supplied once you register.

 The Chakra Tree of Life Intuitive Art E Course is perfect for experienced artists 

as well as beginners.

Bring balance into your life

Student's paintings below from the last Chakra Tree of Life e-Course.

Thank you Ladies for sharing your beautiful creations!

Students work from last Chakra Tree Course
  • Thank you all and especially you Susan Farrell for this creative, supportive and loving cycle. It's alway better to work together and share one creative space together even we are from all the parts of the world at the same time:-))).

    — Zuzana
  • I may use this painting for my massage work, which is Chakra balance massage n healing. Totally love the time of drawing, this is sort of meditation. I appreciate to see you and gave me so wonderful time.! Thank you so much Susan,,, your art has changed my life,,, Junko xoxo💓 I really want to see you one day! ! Love you all 💖💟💝💘💗

    — Junko