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Over the years of collage art making, I've explored many surfaces that collage papers can be adhered to. The surface of brown Kraft bags or gift bags happened to be an inspiration of a non profit Food Pantry. All artists were very giving of their abilities and created some wonderful Art on brown Kraft bag, see mine below. 

The whole Idea was very intriguing and planted a seed of ideas and questions on how to use a Brown Kraft Bag for art. Which for an artist sets up a problem to be solved and If you're anything like me you like to find ways to make things work or create new ones. 

The process of creating and using Image transfers will be shown with this course along with many other ways to work with your collage papers and mixed media. I prefer to use the Golden's Gloss medium to build up layers on a laser copy of an image.   The layers build the skin that will then be transfer on top of your other collage papers. (no inkjet copies please, they bleed)

You can use many kinds of paper as long as you can coat it with Gloss Medium and the surface doesn't bleed color. Make sure you coat on both sides allowing each side dry first. I like to lay my papers out on a dollar store plastic table cloth, it doesn't stick.  

This is all shown in Create a Palette for Collage Course  this course  is just about making the papers no collage making.   

The first part of this course will share how to create with a clean edge which has been taped off with a delicate painters tape, or a white tape #3051, low tack paper tape by Uline. Your supply list will have this listed for you. Just giving you a heads up before we get that far. 

A few extra words about this course

Tack Iron, House Iron and Safety Release Paper and Mediums

Have you collaged on this surface before? 

Brown Kraft paper bag, why don't you give it try. 

Here are a few of the supplies you can use. If you don't have a Heat Seal Iron, a.k.a. Tack Iron you can use your house iron on a cotton setting. No steam with the safety release sheet between the coated papers and the iron.  Parchment paper works great safety release paper.  I use Golden Brand of Gloss and Glazing mediums because it works the best for the Image transfer process. 

If interested in purchasing a tack iron see the Link here at Horizon Hobby. 

I get my Gloss and Glazing Medium at Blick Art Materials 

#3051 Low tack Painters tape, by  or you can use a hardware store painters tape that is Delicate only.  I believe there is a Frog tape out there like that too. 

Deciding what you want to collage on the surface will inspired by your papers, images and words, no reference but your own playful spirit.  I will share my process and how I lay out my papers. Plus using the mixed media of water soluble wax crayons and or pencils. It's freeing and also challenging but any good artist loves a challenge...Oh, I think I said that already. 

Most of my work starts with a paper I really like and then I look for a palette to work with. Some days I'm bold and bright other days I'm dark and grungy. "Just go with the flow," is what I say and make choices along the way.  Ask the question, do I like this?  then keep it.  Or if this isn't work take it off and try something else. 

If you're new to collage and the tack iron method, You might want to create some papers to use. I do offer a online class in CourseCraft here - Create a Palette of Collage Papers.  Take a look at that if you would like to create your own papers. Store bought is great too. If you have a few more questions take a look at FAQ below to see if any of your uncertainty can be answered for you. And by all means if you have more question please don't hesitate to send me an email. 

Table of Contents

What you will need to get started
Bonus- Image Transfer Handout
Brown Bag Collage Taped Edges
Step 1, Getting started with your Brown Kraft Bag
Step 2, Selecting your papers and beginning to Collage
Step 3, Adding Glazing as a layer to your collage
Step 4, Cutting off the Tape
Brown Bag Collage Raw Edges
Second Process Preparing an Image Transfer
Step 1, Preparing your Brown Bag
Step 2, Applying Glazing to the Surface
Step 3, Getting Started
Step 4, Collage and Glazing again
Step 5, Shadow Steps
Step 6, Working with Crayons
Step 7, Image Transfer Time
Step 8, Collage and More Glazing

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