Do you struggle with intense emotional ups and downs?

Do you find yourself lost in rumination about the past or worry about the future?

Do you ever wish you were less reactive and could respond more skillfully?

Mindfulness is a way of attending to whatever arises in the present moment with a sense of openness and curiosity.

It's a way of relating to your life with self-awareness and equanimity. Wouldn't you like to be more present in your life and increase your vitality? 

  • I never thought I could meditate because my thoughts are all over the place. But this course helped me realize that was totally normal and all I have to do is accept and let go of trying to control them. I'm learning to have a more relaxed and accepting relationship with my mind!

    — Chelsea B.

In this six week course, you will learn . . .

The fundamental elements of mindfulness.

How to relate to unwelcome thoughts.

How to create space for painful emotions.

How to communicate mindfully in relationships.

Habits that support mindful living.

How to create and maintain a daily meditation practice.

  • The concepts were explained in a very down to earth manner. I really enjoyed the journaling exercises and the practice logs were very helpful.

    — Isa M.

What You Get

Guided Meditation Audio

Daily practice logs

Journaling Assignments

Supplemental Readings


Online support community

Certificate of Completion

Lifetime Access to the Course Content!



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  • I use to meditate regularly but I got off track somewhere along the way. I'd been meaning to get back into my practice, but kept making excuses and putting it off. This course came along at the right moment for me and really explained mindfulness in an easily digestible way. The tools provided in this course made the practice of meditation more accessible and I'm certain this new habit is here to stay. I give this training 5 stars!

    — Paul K.

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And there is a lot more training on its way!

Dr. Vaughn is actively working on creating more training courses for mindfulness, anxiety and panic. These courses will become available over the next few months. 

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