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  • I loved the new "BRANDED" ecourse. It was very informative and useful, in that I can use for my business today!

    — Lyndsy Ricci, A Natural Perspective
  • BRANDED is a great course for the small business owner who wants to understand the basic elements of building a strong brand and coming up with a winning strategy.

    — Maia, Astrida Naturals

Make Your Marketing Plan For Your Business, Today!

Build Your Marketing Plan

BRANDED is a 5-week online marketing course, applicable for anyone starting out in business. It is developed specifically for businesses and entrepreneurs who need additional support in marketing, strategy and brand reputation. 

If you feel that you are doing lots of tactics but with no plan or goal, or sometimes get lost in all the doing - then this course is for you. Each week, you will work on a specific area of your marketing plan, with actionable and measurable goals. More importantly, this marketing plan will be your building block, where you can refer throughout the year and build upon year after year.

The BRANDED course is perfect for anyone who wants a better understanding on competitive analysis and how to use this information, needs clearer brand direction & messaging or needs to develop a formal Brand Action Plan.

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What To Expect In This 5 Week Course

What to Expect!

  • Practical exercises on finding your brand niche, strategy development and marketing mix know-how.
  • Easy-to-use Research & Analysis template, Sales Forecast Tool and Brand Action Plan template.
  • PDF of all resources shared throughout the e-Course.
  • Case studies to help complete assignments
  • Weekly assignments designed to develop your own Brand Action Plan as you move through the course.

BRANDED! Build The Plan
Strategy. Analysis. Easy. Step-By-Step.

About The Marketing Boutique

We do just one thing, we build brands.

As a company, The Marketing Boutique provides marketing strategy planning and the full gamut of communications services. It is the integrated marketing and communications approach supported by 20 years in B2B and B2C industries, with inbound and outbound market techniques. We help to create exciting brands that will make you stand apart from your competition! 

We Provide Resources, Workshops And Training Programs

Aside from the strategic marketing and communications agency work, we also function as an educational resource for entrepreneurs, small business, and young marketing professionals. We offer free marketing tools and resources from our blog, annual reports, articles and newsletter as well as online courses and e-Books that talk about brand development, event planning, leadership, strategy implementation and communications.

Build your road map
Your Marketing Plan Is Waiting For You


I'm not sure how to start a marketing plan?

In this course, you'll receive a marketing plan template, ready for you to start building your marketing plan.

How much time do I need to complete this course?

You can take as much time as you need! The course will always be available to you.

Is the course for a specific industry?

Not at all! The marketing plan can be edited to fit your industry, budget and your business.

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