Block Printing For Beginners

Block Printing for Beginners!

Learn everything you need to know about block printing and carving your own stamps!

This online course with experienced artist, author and tutor Susan Yeates, teaches you everything that you need to know about creating your own block prints. 

Block printing is a really accessible form of printmaking and easy to do in a small space and with limited materials. This course shows you exactly what you need to get started and talks you through the whole process from coming up with designs (you don't even need to draw!), to cutting the block and inking using ink pads OR block printing ink. 

The course shows LOADS of examples of Susan's own work, includes some super-handy tips and advice on tools and materials. 

This course is suitable for beginners or anyone looking to have a play with block printing. 

On this page you will find full information on what is covered in the course plus example videos and images from the course itself. 

Video Trailer

Watch the video below for an introduction to this online course. 

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  • Really enjoyed the course Susan, and I do love going at my own pace. This is the second block I've created, and have lots of potential images in my sketchbook!

    — Kay Ballard, Feb 2021
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. The videos gave clear explanations of the processes used and ideas for projects to complete. Thank you Susan for another great course.

    — Julie Gray, March 2021

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What Does this Course Cover?

This special block printing course is PACKED full of advice and practical demonstrations as I open up my home studio and show you my exact processes and techniques. The course is broken down into a number of sections that each explain a stage of the process. Each section is further broken down into lessons and videos, which you can work through in order and tick off as you go along. Plus there are a number of projects at the end for you to practice your skills. 

With detailed explanations and over-head videos of me actually preparing, cutting and printing, this really is the perfect class for those wishing to get started with block printing and stamping. 

By the end of the course you will:

- Understand exactly what block printing is.
- Gain a thorough understanding of the tools and materials needed to get started (and have probably bought some too!)
- Have a good idea of how to create a simple design for printing.
- Be competent in transferring a design onto a block.
- Be competent in cutting the block. 
- Understand exactly how to ink the block using ink pads.
- Understand exactly how to ink the block using block printing inks. 
- How to print by hand (no printing press required.)
- Have created a mini-print ready for framing (project 1.)
- Have worked on carving out text on a block (project 2.)
- Have used a simple letter shape to create a repeat pattern (project 3.)
- Have printed a two-colour design (project 4.)
- Have some great ideas for ways to use your block prints, play with colour and more...

What You Can Expect From the Course

The video below explains in a little more details what you can expect to find in this course.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction
Getting to Know Each Other
What is Block Printing?
Tools and Materials Required
BONUS: Cutting Tools in Detail
Section 2: Preparing and Cutting the Block
Example Blocks
Designing for Block Printing
Transfer a Design to the Block
Cutting The Block
Timelapse Carving Videos
Section 3: Printing
Printing with Ink Pads
Printing with Block Printing Ink
Working in Sketchbooks
Timelapse Printing Videos
Section 4: Projects & Possibilities
Examples and Possibilities

Who is this Course For?

This course is perfect for:

- Beginners to block printing looking to get started
- Anyone curious about making their own stamps for sketchbook work, journalling or making greetings cards
- People who want some knowledge on creating repeating patterns using block printing 
- Anyone looking to make high quality original prints using block printing
- People looking for a new art or craft that can easily be done from home in a small space
- Anyone wanting to see my own process as an artist as I open up my home studio and sketchbooks and show you my methodology
- Those looking to gain a thorough understanding of single-coloured block printing (and wanting a easy-to-follow introduction to two-colours) 
- Anyone wanting to join a community of other block printing enthusiasts as we have a special Facebook Group for all my relief printing courses. 

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What is Block Printing?

Block printing is a type of relief printing created by using a rubber block as the printing plate that you cut into using metal gouges. With relief printing, the material that is removed does not print, therefore making it a negative mark-making technique (as in it’s a little back-to-front). Woodcut, wood engraving and linocut are also relief printing methods as is potato printing that you may have done as a kid or rubber stamping where you buy pre-cut stamps and ink pads from craft shops.

I will be using SpeedyCarve by Speedball as the block (a soft pink rubber block 6mm thick) for the purposes of this course but there are plenty of alternatives available to you. I will discuss materials in more detail in the course.

One of the main advantages of block printing in the way I will show in this course is its immediacy and ease of printing. With a soft rubber block you can both print in a traditional way using block printing ink but also use ink pads so that the block can be stamped down. I will demonstrate both methods in this course.

I love block printing and think it is such a wonderful way to get started with printmaking using just a few materials and requiring just a small amount of space. The way that I teach this is slightly different to how I teach linoprinting but there are a number of similarities too! 

Watch the video below (an extract from the course) for a detailed explanation of what block printing is, especially in the contact of this course and what it covers. 

About Me - Susan Yeates

My name is Susan Yeates and I am an artist, author, tutor and creative entrepreneur. I am passionate about linocut, block printing, creativity and inspiring others to make art.

I have written two books on linocutting including Amazon no. 1 bestsellers, Learning Linocut (2011) and Beginner’s Guide to Linocut (2019, Search Press.) I also have a third book about printmaking – Learn to earn from Printmaking, which discusses ways to make a little money from your art.

Find out more about my books here:

I spend my time as an artist mainly sketching, drawing, painting and creating original prints. You will find my portfolio, sketchbook pages, blog and available products on my website

You will also find my regular doodles and creative endeavours on both my Facebook Page and Instagram account. Do come on over and follow me there.

As well as creating my own drawings and prints I love educating and sharing my knowledge – I have a number of e-courses tutoring beginners to drawing, sketching and printmaking. These include Sketching for Fun, Build a Daily Sketching Habit and Mindful Drawing and Doodling for Beginners, Learning Linocut and my special masterclass Linocut Masterclass: Handprinted Greetings Cards.

Find out about my printmaking courses here:

Find out about my sketching courses here:

I am also a busy mama to a 3-year old budding artist, a pottery cafe owner (Fired Frog Pottery Cafe in Woking) and reading addict.

In this fact-packed course I do aim to cover a LOT because I simply love sharing my knowledge on this subject and from the feedback I get on Instagram and Facebook about my own block prints, I know there are so many people out there interested in creating block prints but don’t know where to start.

This whole course has been created filmed from my home studio where I live in Surrey in the UK. It is a small compact space and as I welcome you into my home and my studio I hope you have a lot of fun and learn a lot about block printing and playing with stamps. 

Instant Access to Course Materials and Videos

By enrolling on the course, you gain instant access to the online learning portal where you will find all of your course materials and guidance. This includes explanatory videos with me, demonstration videos, written instructions, plenty of images, tips and suggestions.  

This online course can be enrolled on at any time of year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 14 days to get a full refund.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

What tools and materials do I need for this course?

A full materials list will be included as part of this course as will an in depth discussion (with a video) on the specialist materials used in the course. After watching the video you will be able to make informed decisions on what to buy. Essentially though you will need smooth white paper for printing, a block to carve, cutting tools and ink pads as well as basic art materials such as pencils, pens and some tracing paper. The materials in the course are divided into essential and optional and will be listed in the course portal.

Is block printing different to linocut?

In essence block printing and linocut are very similar - they are both forms of relief printing. However, they use different substances for the block and in the way that I teach it here, there are differences in the way they are used (again this is mostly determined by the substance of the block). For myself I use linocut for more finished prints and cards. Block printing has a softer rubber block and is more easily used for stamping down and use for stamps, repeat patterns and fabric printing. Please see the information above (and video) where I explain block printing in a little more detail - certainly in terms of my interpretation and what I am teaching here.

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